The Village of  Osceola Board met for a Regular meeting on October 12, 2021 at Village Hall. Village President Jeromy Buberl called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.

Present:  Buberl, Holly Walsh, Bruce Gilliland, Brad Lutz, Deb Rose, and remotely Van Burch 

Excused:  Joel West

Staff present:  Benjamin Krumenauer, Frances Duncanson, Ron Pedrys, Paul Elfstrom, Todd Waters

Others present:  Kyle Weaver, online was Tom Stangl, Justin Fischer & Brian Ruechel of Baird, Dan Hebert, Mark Yelchek, Ben Winnick Steg Stegner, and other members of the public. 

Motion by Rose and seconded by Walsh to approve the agenda

Ayes-6 Nays-0 Motion carried

Motion by Gilliland and seconded by Lutz to approve the minutes of the Regular meeting dated September 14, 2021, Budget Workshop I dated September 14, 2021, and Budget Workshop II dated September 28, 2021

Ayes-6 Nays-0 Motion carried

Public input and ideas (Limit 5 minutes per speaker) 

Kyle Weaver of 100 Depot Road spoke regarding his concern of traffic and pedestrian safety on Depot Road with the additional traffic due to the train attraction. Weaver had photos to illustrate the situation. People are parking on the grass, forcing pedestrians to walk on the road. Walsh asked what Weaver would like to see done on Depot Road. Weaver responded he would like to see curb & gutter to prevent people parking on the grass, on the north side of road and a sidewalk for people to walk on. 


Staff reports (Materials only, not presented individually)

Utilities-Krumenauer for Caruso. The third quarter reading and billing is complete. They are working on sewer televising and cleaning and working on the large industrial park tower to drawn down for maintenance. It was a busy but typical month for usage and flows. Lutz asks about the power outage in late September. Caruso reported the backup systems all worked. 

Library-Buberl:  The past month was spent preparing for the LTC Grant program to be held on October 26th. This will be a community conversation on how to become more involved with local government. They are also busy working on the proposed 2022 budget. 

Fire-Elfstrom: The Dept. had five runs with three in Village and two in Farmington. They are working on the second round of business inspections. The Chevy pumper is repaired and back to full function. The new aerial has some warranty work issues pending. Three Dept. members gave educational fire safety presentations with local kids. 

Building Inspection-Krumenauer:  The permit numbers down a little but we are still above where we have been in other years. Included are three permits for one duplex and two single family dwellings. Total permit values are estimated at $731,806 for the month. 

Administration-Krumenauer:  Gave a reminder we are looking for election workers. He has been working on finalizing the 2021 and 2022 budgeting and reporting needs and is pleased to report the Village is in a stronger financial position. Kremenauer attended the recent Town of Osceola meeting with Trustee Lutz regarding the reconstruction of Simmon Drive. Hopefully the Simmon Drive project will occur next year. Lutz asked about an MOU with the Township on the road and Krumenauer is hopeful it will get in place this year. 

Police-Pedrys:  Presented the September statistics with 10 custodial arrests, 49 traffic stops, with 17 traffic citations being issued. The recent community events went well. The Dept. appreciates the help with signage. Pedrys has been putting a lot of time into the police budget to get it accurate. Andrew Johnson is halfway through field training and is a great addition to the department. The OPDs Community Coffee is resuming after COVID and will be the last two Fridays of the month Caribou Coffee at Dick’s Fresh Market. 

Public Works-Waters:  Special events have been at the forefront of the Dept. With 36 hours of street sweeping. The work starts weeks ahead to make things shine by sweeping, cutting ditches, and getting ready for vendors. The curb & sidewalk audit is underway with over 50 pieces repaired. The mowing contract was done in September with the Dept. increasing time spent mowing. The new 35-foot-tall flagpole was installed at the Village Hall/Discovery Center. Gristmill Park has a new fence and look. The Dept. is gearing up for seasonal transition. The leaf and brush programs are coming up. 

Chamber of Commerce/Mainstreet-Rose:  Director Germaine Ross is retiring at the end of the year and the Board is working hard on a transition plan and some guidance. The Main Street group made a great presentation at Finance. 

Other business – discussion and possible action re:

Motion by Burch and seconded by Lutz to approve  Tax Increment District development incentive agreement for Osceola Development LLC

Ayes-6 Nays-0 Motion carried

Krumenauer commented that over the years there have been several developers interested in the old hospital site, but none were successful. Krumenauer stated the Village can offer something appropriate through a developers agreement such as up to $2.5 million in pay as you TIF go options, plus potential grant funding for infrastructure that would benefit more than just the proposed project. If the project moves forward the development agreement states that all appreciate approvals from various agencies like the National Park Service would be obtained. There have been no major changes since the last time the Board discussed it. We are excited to talk about the proposal today and Krumenauer introduced the representative of Gaughn Companies, Dan Hebert who gave a presentation for the Osceola site. 

Hebert gave a history of the company and what they hope to bring to Osceola. Gaughan Companies have housing developments in Forest Lake, St. Paul, and Shakopee constituting 1,500 housing units across the metro. They have high density projects with amenities like a community room, fitness center, and restaurant. They are not  a cookie cutter with all projects different, designing what is most appropriate for each site. The Osceola Hospital site is a basic plan with 85 units at market rate, non-restricted in age and income. Plans are for some commercial space for potentially a fitness center and expanded basin trail adjacent to the river. Plans are for a garage structured underneath and surface parking with the north side perhaps a restaurant. They will be waiting for public input. They plan for a flat roof and less impervious surface than current hospital site. Lutz asks about  next steps. Krumenauer responds a TIF/Development agreement be put in place, then renderings produced, analysis, finish up design, and fine tuning of details. The Village is a critical part of that. They are looking at a 13–15-month construction window with dealing with the current building in Spring. The retaining has good structural integrity and will remain. They hope to be opened the fall of 2023. Krumenauer explains taxable value of $10.5 million. 

Village of Osceola Financial Management Plan

The highlights of the proposed Village Management Plan were reviewed by Justin Fisher and Brian Ruechel of Baird Inc. Issues examined were debt, bond rating factors, Village valuations, fund balances, how to fund necessary improvements, the long-term capital plan, property tax history, impact of TID closing, and utility projects and finances. 

Motion by Rose and seconded by Gilliland to adopt the proposed Financial Management Plan. 

Ayes-6 Nays-0 Motion carried

Ordinance #21-04 To Amend the Code of the Village of Osceola Chapter 207 Vehicles and Traffic (first read)

This amendment pertains to the language Jake Brakes being trademarked and raising legal issues. This term will need to be removed from our signs and ordinance. 

Ordinance #21-05 to Amend the Code of the Village of Osceola Chapter 6 Boards and Commissions (first read)

This proposed amendment would let the Planning Commission select their own chair on an annual basis, rather than the Village President always being Chair. This would open opportunities for other Commission members and encourage involvement. 

Ordinance #21-06 to Amend the Code of the Village of Osceola Chapter 59 Village Board (first read)

This proposed ordinance amendment addresses policy pertaining to remote meeting attendance through telephonic and other electronic means for Village Board and Commissions.    

Motion by Rose and seconded by Gilliland to approve Resolution #21-09 “Designating Representative for West Central Wisconsin Biosolids Facility”

Ayes-6 Nays-0 Motion carried

Motion by Walsh and seconded by Burch to approve Resolution #21-10 “Affirmation of Admin & Finance Resolution #21-01 Urban Forestry Grant Application”

Ayes-6 Nays-0 Motion carried

Motion by Gilliland and seconded by Rose to endorsement of the 2022 Village of Osceola Budget and 2022-2026 Capital Improvement Program 

Ayes-6 Nays-0 Motion carried

Krumenauer offered the following budget comments. The proposed budget figures for 2022 are at 95% certainty. Every Department had input into the budgeting process. We could not fund everything asked for. We are committed to a balanced budget and not raising the taxes. Debt service will decrease in 2022 and there will be a decrease of one half of a percent in the mill rate. 

Permits and Licenses:

Motion by Walsh and seconded by Rose to approve operator licenses for Katelyn Nohava at Cascade BP and Jennifer Simon at Tippy Canoes

Ayes-6 Nays-0 Motion carried

Motion by Rose and seconded by Gilliland to approve Board, Committee, Commission and Agency Reports as follows:

a) Historic Preservation August 11, 2021(Commission approved September 29, 2021)

b) Library Board August 12, 2021(L. Board approved September 9, 2021)

c) Airport Commission August 16, 2021(Commission approved September 20, 2021)

d) Admin & Finance September 3, 2021(Committee approved October 1, 20

Ayes-6 Nays-0 Motion carried

Motion by Burch and seconded by Lutz to approve vouchers payable

Ayes-6 Nays-0 Motion carried

Discussion of and action on any other appropriate items

Burch commented how nice it is to see the flagpole in front of the building donated from the Horst Foundation. Rose attended the Osceola Housing Authority 50th Anniversary, they are thankful for our support. 

President Buberl adjourned the meeting at 7:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by 

Frances Duncanson, MMC-WCPC

Village Clerk




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