The Village of Osceola met for a Regular meeting on September 14, 2021.  Village President Jeromy Buberl 

called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.

Present:  Buberl, Holly Walsh, Brad Lutz, Deb Rose, Bruce Gilliland, Van Burch, and Joel West

Staff present:  Benjamin Krumenauer, Frances Duncanson

Others present:  Brooke Kulzer, Lisa Erickson, Ruth Stattler, Germaine Ross, Nancy Beck, Shirley Johnson,

Anna Lund

Motion by Rose and seconded by West to approve the agenda  

Ayes-7Nays-0Motion carried.

Motion by West and seconded by Gilliland to approve of the minutes of the August 10th, 2021 regular meeting

Ayes-7Nays-0Motion carried.

Public input and ideas (Limit 5 minutes per speaker) Brooke Kulzer of 511 Seminole thanked the Board for serving as elected officials. Chamber Board member Anna Lund of 2583 4th Ave. commented on the Chamber  Main Street program and ARPA funds. The would like to prioritize business growth, address economic recovery and attracting workforce.  They would be happy to give a presentation.  


Staff reports (Materials only, not presented individually)

Public Works-In streets, they have been sweeping, repairing potholes, repairing storm sewers, and picking up storm debris.  In parks the focus has been on repairs to walkways and stairways.  In addition they teamed up with the MN Transportation Museum to create a parking lot on the south side of Mill Pond for public parking.  MTM helped by funding materials made this a low budget high impact project with many benefits.  

Utilities-The Water Dept. has new reading equipment that will be used for the third quarter meter reads.   Cross connection inspection notices have been sent out to all commercial, industrial, multifamily and public authority properties with a sixty day timeframe to comply with Village and State codes. The Sewer Dept. had a pump fail at the WWTP that has since been repaired.  A faulty manhole was reconstructed and brought to grade.  

Library-They are working on the budget.  There were 204 items added to collections in August.  Activities were the regular book clubs along with Braves Baseball Week.  The Summer Leaning Program has wrapped up for the year with kids reading 517 hours over the course of the program.

Fire-The Dept. had ten runs last month with eight in Village, one in Farmington, and one mutual aid in St. Croix County.  Business inspections are ongoing with good compliance.  They will continue to provide support to upcoming community events.  The refurbishment of the trailer pump is nearly complete.  Annual SCBA testing is complete.

Building Inspection-There were eight permits issued in August with estimated valuation of construction at $145,594.94. 

Administration-The 2022 budget timeline was reviewed.  The department will be considering new financial software. 

Police-There were 15 arrests in August.  School is back in session and Officers are doing additional patrolling.  The Department has completed firearms qualifications.  The Shop with a Cop-Back to School event was held with several Department employees participating.  Tanner Rebhan was hired as the newest full time Officer.

Chamber of Commerce/Mainstreet-Osceola was featured in Forbes magazine, getting national exposure.  The organization has made a request for funding from the Village for 2022.

Other business – discussion and possible action re:

Motion by Rose and seconded by Burch to appoint Lisa Erickson to the Osceola Tourism Commission to a 3-Year term ending in 2024

Ayes-7Nays-0Motion carried.

Motion by West and seconded by Gilliland to approve the contract amendment with ASPDS for the 2022 Village Revaluation in the amount of $39,100

Ayes-7Nays-0Motion carried.

This one-year amendment was explained by Krumenauer.  With the Village aggregate ratio no longer meeting statutory requirement is required by statute a full property reevaluation be conducted.  Burch asks about letting people in to inspect. Krumenauer responded it is in homeowners best interest to let assessment staff in so they don’t have to guess at values.  ASPDS staff will be mindful of the pandemic and be sensitive to issues entering people’s homes.  The cost is more as cost of work goes up, as the  Village has been growing with more to reevaluate.   

Motion by Burch and seconded by Walsh to approve Resolution #21-07 – A Resolution to Redistrict Ward Boundaries for Voting Purposes

Ayes-7Nays-0Motion carried.

Motion by Burch and seconded by Rose to approve Resolution #21-08 – A Resolution to Recognizing Greenspace as St. Croix River Valley Veteran’s Park

Ayes-7Nays-0Motion carried.

The Veteran’s Memorial Park was dedicated on Saturday.  The project started in 2005 under Mr. Jenkins and was brought to fruition by Larry Jepsen.  

Permits and Licenses:

Motion by Rose and seconded by Walsh to approve both Temporary Class B Beer and Wine licenses for the Osceola Knights of Columbus, Jim Steffen, President –Croixland Leather Works Customer Appreciation, September 25th, 2021 and Osceola Trails Coalition/ Osceola Chamber/Mainstreet, Lisa Erickson, President – Valley Brewfest October 16, 2021

Ayes-7Nays-0Motion carried.

Motion by West and seconded by Lutz to approve Operator Licenses for Shelly Brantal – Valley Spirits, Savannah Davis – Dick’s Fresh Market, Kevin Fritsche – PYs, Connie Sevelin – Valley Spirits

Ayes-7Nays-0Motion carried.

Motion by Rose and seconded by Gilliland to approve Special Event Permits for Croixland Leather Works – 18th Annual Bike Show Party September 25th, 2021 and Osceola Trails Coalition/ Osceola Chamber/Mainstreet – Valley Brewfest October 16th, 2021

Ayes-7Nays-0Motion carried.

Motion by West and seconded by Burch to approve the Board, Committee, Commission and Agency Reports as listed:

a)Water & SewerMay 25, 2021(Commission approved August 31, 2021)

b)Historic PreservationJune 7, 2021(Commission approved August 11, 2021)

c)Airport CommissionJune 21, 2021(Commission approved August 16, 2021)

d)Library BoardJuly 8, 2021 (L. Board approved August 12, 2021)

e)Planning CommissionAugust 3, 2021(Commission approved September 7, 2021)

f)Admin & FinanceAugust 6, 2021(Committee approved September 3, 2021)

Ayes-7Nays-0Motion carried.

Motion by West and seconded by Rose to approve vouchers payable

Ayes-7Nays-0Motion carried.

The Board did not need to go in to closed session proceedings.   

Discussion of and action on any other appropriate items 

West asks about Xcel Energy permissions for a staging area on 148th street.  Walsh asked about mask wearing as a community with the Delta variant very active in the area stating it is good to model behavior for public safety.  Rose thanks the whole Fair Board crew for an awesome event along with the   Chamber for the Harvest Bazaar and Lions for Wheels & Wings.  Lutz asked about the status of the public organic composting area.  It will be ready in October.  Buberl and Krumenauer attended the PCEDC Housing breakfast this morning.  The Osceola Landing project starts tomorrow and will take the rest of this year and all of next year.  It is expected the landing will remain open throughout construction.  .  

President Buberl adjourned the meeting at 6:53 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Frances Duncanson, MMC-WCPC


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