Mark Twain quipped, “All generalizations are false, including this one.” Teachers of Logic classes qualify it by noting all ‘sweeping generalizations’ are suspect. Columnist Lee Hamilton generalized, “We’re stronger as a country when more people vote.” From what follows in his article, I think he meant ‘freer’ rather than ‘stronger.’

If that is so, why do many dictatorships force all of their people to vote? Of course, their lopsided election results do not spell liberty. 

We are neither stronger nor freer when people vote multiple times in one election using false credentials, if ballot boxes are stuffed, where people are pressured into voting for one particular candidate, or when outside influencers dictate results. deals with numerous voter fraud irregularities when voters use easily hewn identities.    

Lee Hamilton article paints a picture of Republicans’ suppressing voting for qualified individuals. Never mind that it was the Republicans who fought a war to free slavery, provided Constitutional amendments to give minorities citizenship and voting rights, and eliminated Jim Crow laws. Liberal Professor Hamilton was silent on these matters; rather, he drowned us with what one of my sons called ‘erudite obfuscations.’

 Here is my sweeping generalization that you might mull on to disprove it -- my hope is that you will gain in understanding from your efforts: ‘Democrats cannot win elections outside of major cities when competing on a level playing field.’ Have fun.


Doug Wellumson


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