I’m writing to encourage you to vote no on the “Fair Map” referendum and leave redistricting in the hands of elected officials. I’m sure you are now thinking how can you be against a” Fair Map” and I’m not. My problem is how do you judge a fair map is like beauty in the eye of the beholder. If it helps your candidate it is fair if it doesn’t help your candidate it is gerrymandering.

First let’s look at who is supporting this resolution. League of Women Voters opposed voter ID laws, opposes the Keystone Pipeline project, supports abortion rights, supports universal health care, and opposes school vouchers. Center for Media and Democracy is a progressive nonprofit watchdog and advocacy organization. Common Cause favors replacing Electoral College. One Wisconsin Now is a liberal issue advocacy organization and an affiliate of ProgressNow. You can see numerous other supporters like the ACLU at their website https://www.fairmapswi.com/. Clearly these are all very liberal groups want more power.

They want the map made in a nonpartisan fashion. Where will they find the angels who have the ability to do this?  James Madison said, “If Men were angels, no government would be necessary.” Let’s look at Governor Evers nine-person nonpartisan “Peoples Map” committee of Elizabeth Tobias, Benjamin Rangel, Susan Ranft, and Jason Bisonette all involved in public education. Ruben Anthony, Jr. is President and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Madison. Annemarie McClellan and Melissa Prentice are members of League of Women Voters. Christopher Ford and Anthony Phillips are physicians. Governor Evers expects their map to be accepted with a unanimous vote. My guess is that these angels’ self-interest and political beliefs will be seen in their map and their map will be rejected.

As Gae Magnafici said,” I believe that having unelected bureaucrats draw our maps would not be “fair”.  If you don’t like the people drawing the maps, vote them out.  I don’t believe there’s anyone out there that’s nonpartisan.”

I agree redistricting is a political process, leave it in the political system. Let our political leaders hash this out and vote for the new map. We don’t need an unelected group that is not responsible to the voters making the map. Please vote no on the “Fair Map”.


Terry Guanella


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