This April’s election is a clear choice between a normal Judge and a progressive Judge. It used to be a conservative believed government was a necessary evil we wanted to give up as little freedom as possible. A progressive believed government was a force for good and was willing to give up some freedom to do it. However, our goals were the same. We wanted an economy where people could make a good living, where we judge people on their character not the color of their skin, where children got a good education that would allow them to be healthy, happy, and to succeed as far as their abilities would allow them. Everyone respected that reasonable minds could differ.

I believe Janet Protaciewicz is a true progressive of today that wants equity not excellence for our children and wants us to confuse lifestyle and gender having us live in a fantasy with many genders. If we elect her there is a very real chance, she would reverse Act 10 reforms that have saved taxpayers billions of dollars and given school districts the ability to remove bad teachers from the classroom also end School Choice, which has allowed disadvantaged families a pathway out of failing schools. She would return control of education to the teacher’s unions.

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