In two weeks, the Town of Osceola will vote for the first time, four Town Board Supervisors and one Town Board Chairman. 

There has been a message from old time liberals that the past 2020 board was faced with confrontations and conflicts from pushback residents. This was true. Unfortunately, it was because the board majority was consistently practicing poor governance and ignoring the majority of the Town’s constituents. 

One voice on the board stood for the Town’s majority, one voice wanted to control spending, and one voice respected town residents and a return to good policies. When I joined the board two years ago, I remained in the minority until just recently. Today, a 3-month interim supervisor and myself have shown leadership and gained back the respect of our constituents the other members lost.  

On Tuesday, April 6th, please vote for those candidates who represent and will continue the good improvements we’ve started. It will take all new supervisors to do that and a break away from the last of old school politics. Your vote for new supervisors and myself will lead us all to a better future.  


Brandon Whittaker

Candidate for 

Osceola Town Board Chairman

Paid political endorsement

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