I was driving by myself from Minneapolis to Webster on Oct. 6 to visit a friend and decided to pull over in Oakey Park for a late lunch. 

I’d had my lights on while driving on the two-lane roads and forgot to turn them off for the 10 minutes that I was parked there. 

When I tried to start my car again, the battery was completely dead. I waited for a few minutes and tried again, and still nothing. I checked my trunk for jumper cables and discovered that I didn’t have any with me. I then tried doing a search on my phone to find a tow truck, only to find that my phone did not have service.

Luckily, this happened in Osceola. First, a woman named Alicia who had her toddler with her pulled into the parking lot and she had jumper cables in her car. 

She spent probably 45 minutes trying to get my car started, and when it didn’t work, gave me a ride to a gas station. The employee at the gas station suggested that I call Tom’s Towing, looked up the number for me, and let me borrow his phone to call them, as I still did not have service. Tom was not able to tow my car for an hour, so I asked if there was a mechanic in the area who could help me. 

I then used my borrowed phone to call Denny’s Auto, and a woman there named Danette checked to see if they had my battery in stock and if they could fit me in that day before they closed. She told me that they usually used Osceola Towing, so I tried calling them next. 

Paul, the tow truck driver (and also the Fire Chief, I soon found out) picked me up at the gas station, drove me to Oakey Park, jumpstarted my car, and gave me directions to Denny’s Auto, all free of charge. 

I made it to Denny’s Auto around 4:30 p.m., and the mechanic there had a new battery in my car within about 15 minutes. 

While I was waiting for my battery to be installed, the tow truck driver from Tom’s Towing called me to make sure I’d gotten the help I needed. 

After a three-hour diversion, I was back on my way to my friend’s house.

It was heartwarming that so many people were willing to help me, and I was and am so appreciative and grateful. 

What a great community you have! Thank you to all of you for taking care of an old lady! 


Stacy Ludwig

Minnetonka, Minn.

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