I’m writing regarding the decision by Polk County to eliminate their funding of “Kinship of Polk County,” starting in 2022.  

Kinship of Polk County has been an essential support system for Polk County’s youth since its inception in 1980.  As a non-profit mentorship provider, Kinship has facilitated a critical role in improving the quality of life for our area’s youth by providing support, stability, encouragement, and positive role models for young people who are experiencing a considerable amount of adversity.

I graduated from UW-Madison with BA in psychology and spent four years working with “at risk” youth at Northwest Passage and Wisconsin Department of Juvenile Corrections.  After seeing the devastation that a lack of proactive support can cause to individual families and the community, I am confident that prevention programs for our youth are a worthwhile investment in the county’s resources.  

The Polk County Board is in a unique position to influence the next generation of leaders in our communities. I would kindly request the board to reevaluate this decision, taking into consideration the negative consequences to the children that this program supports.  

The future is in your hands. 


Steve Schaffer


Schaffer Manufacturing 

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