Is it even possible?We members of the general public hear many things these days, nearly anything might be said or heard, especially on the internet. Perhaps nothing more important to our individual lives is the subject of covid-19 and the subsequent actions taken by our government and scientific and medical institutions to deal with it. It would serve us well to know the full story however we have been lulled into a slumber by a clever  trick which, on its face, should alert us to a great danger. This trick is known as the "big lie". A little lie can sneak past the unwary  quite readily but a big lie? No, certainly not! People can spot a big lie from miles away or so we like to think but consider this lie: "perfectly safe and effective."

 Consider what it does to your BS radar and what it should be doing. In the context of the covid-19 vaccine that phrase is bandied about with near religious regularity but hold on a minute.. is that even remotely plausible? This is what we fail to ask. Is that even remotely plausible? Well of course it is, after all the medical industry is unanimous. It is all we hear, we hear nothing to refute that. and.. since it is "perfectly safe and effective" we need not concern ourselves in the slightest with statistical risk. Not in the slightest. We can also be completely confident the covid-19 vaccine will perform at one hundred percent of expectations. Why? Because it is perfectly effective.

Do you see where this leads? It should be obvious to anyone that all medical treatments and procedures include some measure of risk and some measure of failure. Risk and failure is the backdrop upon which life unfolds, an unavoidable component mothers and fathers are all too mindful of when it concerns the wellbeing of their children. But modern science declares to us with regularity this anomaly of science, this state of being "perfectly safe and effective", and too frequently we ask not how nor do we ask why.

The next time you hear that phrase "perfectly safe and effective" remember the obvious, that no such thing exists in our universe. Then, instead of accepting that as the comfortable bow on the box, ask yourself the next logical question. Why don't they want you to be thinking statistically?


   Dave Pedersen

   Osceola, WI

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