A recent issue of the Sun had four articles about School Boards. There were the regular sections on our local School Board Proceedings plus the School Board Hearing and Annual Budget Hearing. These were capably reported.

 There also was a column by John Ashley, who heads the Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB). He promoted the good work of elected school boards. The Osceola Board members whom I know are fine, dedicated people. Where I formerly lived, this was not true of the obvious herd mentality of those officials.

 Unsurprisingly, the same Sun issue had an article on Wisconsin School Board Week, a week so chosen by none other than WASB. Even so, this was also an accurate description of their loyal work, at least for our own Osceola School Board. Web searches uncovered recent notices of concurrent School Board Appreciation Weeks in nearly every U.S. state and nationally.

 Accordingly, the U.S Department of Justice’s going after what the NY Times calls a ‘disturbing spike’ in supposed ‘threats’ to School Boards is not mere coincidence. In many places today, parents and taxpayers seek time to address school boards about Mask Mandates, Critical Race Theory. Etc. The National Association of School Boards (NASB) overreached and asked the FBI to treat School Board ‘threats’ as Domestic Terrorism under the Patriot Act. My long search through many news sources could not find any specific ‘threats’, only one case where a woman refused to leave meeting until she was heard. Local law enforcement can handle ‘threats’ quite ably. Take note that every country with a powerful totalitarian government has had a dominant, oppressive national police system. Are we deliberately shrinking local governance?

 Another issue is this -- who has primary charge for kids – governments or parents? Note the Orwellian warning: ‘Big Brother is watching you.’ This U.S. Government clampdown on parents is disturbing. And NASB feeds it. 


Doug Wellumson


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