The purpose of Polk County Ordinance 13-20 Rules of Order is to provide a procedure in which are designated to protect the rights of participation of members of the Polk County Board of Supervisors, to insure equal application of those rights, to maintain order, and thereby to also protect the interests of their constituents.

The ordinance is incredibly detailed, covering meetings, ordinances and resolutions, debates, voting, election/removal of the chairperson and vice chairpersons, duties of the County Board Chairperson, the County Board Standing Committee System, Appointments, etc.. The ordinance itself is sixteen pages and can be located on the Polk County website.

Article 10 in this document states in general how County Board members shall conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all functions of Polk County interest. Therefore, my understanding this includes the County Board Meetings.

It states all questions relating to parliamentary procedure concerning the County Board, the latest edition of the Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the final authority.

After viewing many County Board meetings on YouTube and attending the past couple of meetings, it is my opinion supervisors are not respected during meetings. Although I am not a parliamentarian, it appears at times that Robert’s Rules of Order are overlooked and not enforced resulting in meetings being held in a nonprofessional manner. 

If you are a concerned Polk County resident as myself, you can go on YouTube and watch meetings and come to your own conclusion. 


Charles Bents

A concerned Polk County Resident

St Croix Falls

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