There are times where we need to step out of our political persuasions and stand on common sense. This is one of those times. Our government now sanctions jeopardizing the safety of our daughters and granddaughters for the sake of a very small minority of Americans. I speak of President Biden’s order to allow boys to use girl’s bathrooms. Legally, all these boys need to do is declare that they identify as a female. All of us who care to remember our teenage years know that this ruling is a recipe for disaster. Dads, if your daughter enters the women’s bathroom at a school, library, sports event or civic center and a boy follows her in, what will you? 

Common sense would lead us to install family bathrooms in every public institution so that those who are confused about their sexual identity can relieve themselves in private. If money for more family bathrooms is the issue maybe we should talk to the guy that created this chaos in the first place.


Larry Mederich



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