About 15 years ago Ron Jasperson took up paper and pencil and started to write about the Osceola High School Cross Country teams for the Osceola Sun.  Ron’s daughter was involved with running and no one was covering the sport.  In the spring of the same school year, the coaches asked if Ron would write about the high school Track and Field teams and their accomplishments.  The same coaches were coaching both sports and they appreciated the work that he had done in the fall.  Thus began the writing career of this Osceola Sun Sports Writer. Today Ron and his wife Jo cover every sport that is sponsored by the Osceola High School athletic department.  Besides the local sports, they will often write about a graduate of OHS who is excelling at the college level as well as those who reach even greater heights. Today the high school sponsors seventeen athletic programs at the high school level as well as competitive developmental programs at the middle school.  In last week’s paper, I counted the same by-line seven times, seven times “By Ron Jasperson”.  This is more the norm than not.  These articles are well thought out and well prepared and even though it might come naturally to Ron, it takes a lot of work and hours of proofing.  Add to that is the fact that Ron usually attends the events in person and seldom depends on someone else providing the story.  Jo Jasperson is the on-site photographer and her photos accompany the articles. Your dedication to the student athletes, to the sports programs and the readers of your columns is very much appreciated.


Don Hartman


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