Jim Bennett

There are foods you can buy at your favorite restaurant that will melt in your mouth.  Your healthy all natural grocers have all the best organic foods you would ever want. Safe from chemicals, added sugars and injected antibiotics but check your labels everywhere. Many fast food stops are full of unhealthy fats, sugars and added sugars that will have you overweight and diabetic in fast fashion. Gas station foods, well if that’s where you buy your meals and then drive around eating them I can see problems along the way.

I’ve eaten at all of the above and I’ve been unhealthy, carried too much weight and had a blood pressure that put me  in the emergency room. I’ve also gone on healthy food choices; notice I’m not using the word healthy diet because they always fail in the end! I’ve dropped my blood pressure from 210/165 to 122/64. I’ve purposely lost close to 70 pounds to bring myself from 250 to 180; I’m 6’3”. That was done by thinking about everything I put in my mouth before I ate it. Keeping away from unhealthy sugars, fats and chemicals and preservatives that will kill you. After I went healthy and lost all the weight I also lost all of the body aches and pains that haunt people as they get older or some young! Most of my issues started with a back injury where I lost control of many things due to level 6-10 pain for 244 days. That left me flat on my back. With hard work I’m fixed up and ready to go. Smart food choices, alternative medicines and the best medical doctor’s social security could afford.

Upon completion of all the medical, healthy food, diet, and supplement choices my wife Nanc’ee asked my back surgeon the obvious question, when can my husband shoot a gun? Dr. Manual Pinto, my chief surgeon responded, September 25. He couldn’t have picked a better date if I had paid him. That would be the opening of duck season, the same date as our 47th Annual Duck Camp. According to Paul Smith, the oldest duck camp in Wisconsin.

I’m going to miss all of the special September 1 openers like dove, teal, and goose in Wisconsin. I’m also going to miss a trip to the Sand Hills of Nebraska with my son Josh after prairie chicken and sharp tailed grouse. Bottom line is I’m eating all the healthy food choices I can.  Ruffed grouse from Wisconsin’s north woods are about as clean of a meat that you can eat. Acorns, greens leaf and aspen buds. Talk to anyone who has ever been around raising domestic turkey and they will say they’ll never eat it again. Compared to wild turkey the natural health differences are undeniable. It’s the same with prairie and dessert birds. Migrating ducks and geese will be far safer to eat than some domesticated although all natural organic fowl can be amazingly healthy.  I didn’t mention gathering things like fall mushrooms, wild onions, cattails, wild grapes, rose hips, wild plums, fall fish, black walnuts and acorns. You are what you eat. I like eating wild and free as well as being wild and free.

Jim Bennett is an outdoorsman who lives and worked in the St. Croix Valley and can be reached at James bennett24@gmail.com

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