Wild Mountain

Wild Mountain achieves Carbon Neutrality.

Keeping It Wild

Located in Taylor’s Falls, Minnesota, Wild Mountain is a fun destination for family, friends and anyone who wants to have a fun filled day of winter activities. The team at Wild Mountain is gearing up for the season and took a moment to talk about how last year was and what they have planned for the season ahead! President Sara Larsen had all the news for the upcoming year.

How was last season was at Wild Mountain? 

“During the winter of 2020/21 we saw strong visitation. Covid-19 reduced people’s ability to be inside so being outside was a good recreational option.  As a result, both skiing and tubing were popular activities.”

What do you expect for the upcoming season?

“There are several ways we estimate future visitation.  One is to look at our change in season pass sales year over year.  Our season pass sales have grown versus the same time last year, so that gives us confidence that we’ll

see good visitation from that segment. The second is to look at group trips that are on the books.  We are seeing growth in-group reservations for

2021/22 as well.  Much of that has to do with groups being able to return to their historical schedules and trips, as many of them were cancelled last year due to the pandemic.

“This season, we are anticipating that operations will look much like they did prior to the pandemic.  Protocols are subject to change throughout the season, so we plan to stay flexible and request that our guests do the same.”

Any new developments or plans for the future?

Wild Mountain is proud to announce they have achieved carbon neutrality through reducing energy use, diverting waste and offsetting carbon.

They have achieved this “environmental milestone” through the success of their new campaign called “Keep it Wild.” 

According to Larsen, “Over the past 18 months we’ve set out to make improvements around the property that are good for our guests and the  planet.  We want to improve the campus but not change some of funky, vintage aesthetics that make Wild, Wild. Simultaneously, we’ve set out to make positive decisions to reduce our impact on the planet.”  

“We have become the first ski area in North America to achieve

Carbon Neutral(R) Certification. And, the National Ski Areas Association awarded the “Keep It Wild” program as the Best Overall Marketing Campaign in the entire ski industry. This is a prestigious award especially for a small, Minnesota ski area beating out the giant ski resorts in the east and west.”

Another new addition will be the opening of a new bar - the Corduroy Club. The space has soft seating and a fireplace. It has seating at the bar made from a live edge timber slab. The bar has 10 taps and plenty of drink options. Adjacent to the Corduroy Club is a 2,000 square foot sun deck where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Wild Mountain also created a new locker room. This new locker room consolidates the lockers into a single location. It has seating for all and easy access to both the parking lot and snow front. All these improvements are consistent with the “Keep It Wild principle.”

Are there any Special events planned for this season?

“We will be hosting the Midwest Pond Skimming Championship on Saturday, March 12th.  This is an event were we build a 100 foot pond at the bottom of a slope, and skiers and snowboarders attempt to cross it. It should be fun.”

What types of clubs, teams or programs are available to people who want to experience Wild Mountain?

For people who want to learn how to ski or snowboard, we have a great

program this is a smoking deal! Our Get Hooked Program gets a guest three tickets, three equipment rentals and three lessons.  After they complete those lessons, they get to visit three more times with a ticket and equipment rental. It’s the best way to learn to ski or snowboard for a very low price.”

For more information contact:

37200 Wild Mtn. Road

Taylors Falls, MN 55084

(651) 465-6365


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