The Town of Osceola has hired Delmore Consulting to perform a Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) system evaluation of the Town’s roads.

At the end of 2021, the Board of Supervisors for the Town of Osceola approved a PASER Road Rating to be performed by Delmore Consulting L.L.C. 

PASER ratings are required every two years by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and are important to extending the life of roads by impacting road maintenance methods.

The proposal submitted by Delmore Consulting to perform the PASER Road Rating is for the cost of $2,500.00.

Completion of the PASER Road Rating will assist the Town Board and Public Works Supervisor for baseline purposes, preparations for road work in 2022 and assist the Board in establishing a five-year road plan for the Town of Osceola. 

Originally, the Board requested the PASER review be completed before Dec. 15, 2021. Due to weather conditions, the review could not be performed by this date. At the first meeting of 2022 held Monday, Jan. 3, the Board of Supervisors agreed to have Delmore Consulting proceed with the PASER Road Ratings. The review is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2022. 

During the meeting, Jeff Delmore, owner and operator of Delmore Consulting, shared a slide presentation that illustrated the type of work the company has performed in other areas and explained in further detail the different types of services they provide.

”We have been operating for eight years and have performed similar reviews for 50 towns and 33 counties. We are recommended by the Wisconsin Town Association and are very proud for this recognition,” explained Delmore.

In addition to the PASER Road Rating, Delmore Consulting can assist Towns with: inventory, mapping and condition of roads, culverts and signage. They also assist with developing schedules for asphalt and other road maintenance needs to address immediate and long-term plans. 

According to Delmore, “This type of planning allows for increased longevity and cost management.”

The Town agreed to have the PASER rating completed by spring, but made no decision about additional services from Delmore. Supervisor Cronick suggested that the Town, “Add this as a future meeting topic and talk about it at that time.” 

Town Clerk, Denise Skjerven confirmed, “The PASER review will be done by Delmore Consulting this spring and we will look at other ways Delmore can help with the Town with a larger scope of services.”

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