Thorman takes a ride on Sand Lake east of Dresser in his 1972 Glastron GT-150. 

The Glastron GT-150 shines almost 50 years after ‘Live and Let Die’ 

Ever get the sudden urge to use the word "Octopussy," but can’t find the right time or place? Buy a Glastron GT-150. 

The American made speed boat was used by Bond in the 1973 film ‘Live and Let Die’ during a chase scene through the Louisiana bayou that crescendoed with a 110 foot jump across a dike and over top of two cars. 

Bond fans will no doubt scoff at the Octopussy reference, since it was actually an entirely different movie released over a decade after ‘Live and Let Die,’ but the real beauty of Bond lies in his ambiguity. Bond can melt into any part of your life, be it his cars, boats, suits or vernacular. Doesn’t matter what particular movie it’s from, we all just want to inhabit a part of his soul. 

After over 60 years, Bond still reigns king in a world full of copycats, as well he should. And nothing puts you in his shoes, even if just for a moment, more than running your hands down the bright orange and cream hull of a ’72 Glastron GT-150. 

The boats are not particularly rare, or even that expensive in terms of vintage speed boats. But they can’t be matched for nostalgia. Osceola native Glyn Thorman has been enthralled with the boats since he first saw ‘Live and Let Die’ in early 1973, and has owned a number of GT-150s in the last two decades. 

“The movie was OK, but the chase scenes were phenomenal,” Thorman said. “And still today I think (The GT-150) is one of the classiest looking boats ever built. It looks fast, it looks current — you could build that boat today and get a following.” 

Thorman is not a diehard Bond fan in general, but for some reason the boat latched on and wouldn’t let go. 

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