“Substandard in every way.”

That was the answer Osceola Village Administrator Ben Krumenauer gave to the Osceola Village Board when asked how the Simmon Drive project was progressing. A half mile of the road, which is shared between the village and the Town of Osceola, is in need of replacement and an agreement on the project continues to be elusive.

The town board sent a letter to the village in October saying they would give $16,090.92 towards the project. The cost of the project is $581,373.69. The grant total for the project was $296,587.50, for up to half of the cost of the project. The village applied for and received a local roads improvement program (LRIP) grant to pay up to 50% of the project, including design. 

The village proposed taking 67.24% of the project cost, paying $390,915.67. After the grant is taken into account, the village would pay $191,490.23. In the proposal, the town would pay 32.76% of the cost, paying $97,162.07. After the LRIP grant, the town would pay $93,295.96.

Krumenauer has made a presentation to the town board and a smaller group has met on the project. At the November Town of Osceola board meeting, the board indicated the offer of $16,090.92 was their final offer.

During his presentation at the village meeting Nov. 9, Krumenauer told the board the project would not be done in 2022 and talks would continue to try to get the project done in 2023. He said the project not happening in 2022 was “unfortunate” and said he was “still hopeful” an agreement could be reached for the project to occur in 2023. 

Krumenauer said he didn’t want to look at the “nuclear option” of cancelling the maintenance agreement the village and the town have in place for roads.

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