Marsha Hovey

Marsha Hovey skating the Hiawatha indoor skatepark in Minneapolis.

When a skier or snowboarder wrecks and looses all of their gear — skis, board, polls, hat, goggles, helmet, etc. — it’s known as a yard sale. 

Yard sales happen a lot at Trollhaugen, but this month the ski and snowboard resort is sponsoring a sale in the more traditional sense. 

Saturday, August 28 fro 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. Trollhaugen will be holding a yard sale fundraiser at 805 N Cascade St. in Osceola, with all of the proceeds going to help fund the community skate part project. The sale will feature the clothing and equipment of professional snowboarders, including local native Benny Milam. 

“He’s a very decorated, sponsored athlete,” said Marsha Hovey, the marketing director at Trollhaugen. “He wanted to raise funds for the skate park by way of selling some of his new and used gear, because part of his sponsorships is receiving so much stuff.”

Milam brought up the idea initially and Hovey ran with it. She got another local professional, Ethan Deiss, on board as well. 

“He’s also born and raised in Osceola and is one of the biggest names in professional snowboarding,” Hovey said. (Milam and Deiss’) lives were changed by their experiences at Trollhaugen and they really want to give back to their local community, and want to see a quality skate park built in the town’s they were raised in.” 

The Osceola skate park project has been in the works for over a decade. Funds were raised by area students some time ago to kick-start the project, but eventually momentum waned and nothing was completed. 

“Because it’s a project that’s housed through the Osceola Chamber of Commerce, those funds have just been sitting there,” Hovey said. “They cannot be used for another project without approval from the donors.”

Hovey is a lifelong skater and has spent her career in the action sports industry. When she moved to Osceola to take her job at  Trollhaugen, she discovered the wayward skate park project and took it upon herself to restart the planning and fundraising. 

“I kind of took it over as a new chapter, which has been a little challenging,” Hovey said. “There’s a lot of people in town that say ‘well we tried, but nothing ever happened’ so it’s climbing a little bit of  mountain to make people realize this is a new chapter, there’s new momentum and we need skate parks now more than ever.” 

Hovey said the recent Olympic games are a good example of the growing relevancy of skateboarding, which makes the timing perfect for this project.

“It’s no longer this fringe activity,” she said. “Skateboarding is just as viable for recreation as team sports and Osceola is the perfect tourist town to have a skate park that would bring in people from the region.”

The yard sale will also include non-snow sport items, and local residents are more than welcome to donate items to be sold — so long as they’re not just looking for a place to get rid of their junk. People interested in donating should contact Osceola Skate Park on Facebook and Instagram. 

The yard sale will partner with Gwen Wright at The Looking Glass, who will be hosting an ice cream fundraiser to help support the skate park the same day. Hovey hopes the event will help bring attention back to the project, which she said is a great opportunity for the community.

“As a skateboarder, I’ve traveled all over this country and the world to go to skate parks. I’ve visited towns that I never would have if it wasn’t for that skate park,” she said. “And I want that for Osceola.” 


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