Snowflakes Fall

Students at Osceola Elelmentary performed a holiday concert called “Snowflakes Fall.”

Students at Osceola Elementary and Osceola Intermediate schools kicked-off their winter break with a couple of holiday concerts. Emma Cruciani, music teacher for Osceola Elementary School and Osceola Intermediate School, created both programs that students performed for family.

Osceola Elementary School students held a holiday concert called "Snowflakes Fall." The program included kindergarten, First and Second grade students singing songs in English and Spanish. Students learned and performed chants, using body percussion, danced, and shared things they've learned in specials with the audience members. 

The concert encompassed things students have learned in all their specials: Physical Education, Music, REACH, Library/Media and Art. “Myself, and the students had so much fun singing all about winter, snowflakes, snowmen and more! We got to end our concert singing in two languages, and singing with all kindergarten through Second grade students. We also had the great pleasure of having the Osceola High School band play carols before our concert started,” said Cruciani.

The holiday concert for Osceola Intermediate School students was called "Winter Is All Around Us." The program included performances by: Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students. Students in each grade had the opportunity to sing, dance, create chants and play instruments. Each class got to come up with a chant about winter, choose an instrument to play with and create the instrument part and entertained the audience with their performances. “We include valuable learning from all specials as well-REACH, Library, Art, CREATE, Music and Physical Education.”

According to Ciciani, “Students also had the opportunity to write and read poems about wintertime. Students got to sing about snowflakes, snow falling, snowmen, penguins and jingle bells! Before the concert started, we also had the great pleasure of having the Osceola High School band play carols and other students sang or shared musical talents such as playing the recorder, ocarina, harmonica, piano.”

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