A juvenile coyote that was in the Kreekview neighborhood last month has moved on, according to Osceola Police Chief Ron Pedrys.

In his monthly report to the village board, Pedrys said the young coyote had been seen during daylight hours. In October After receiving calls, OPD officers had seen the coyote, who did not seem to fear dogs or people.

Pedrys told the board his department contacted the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources who advised them to leave the coyote alone, and in time it would move on. Since the third week of October, there have been no more sightings, so it seems to have indeed moved on.

Board member Van Burch offered an explanation of why the coyote had left town. “I know why it left town,” he said. “That coyote was in Joel West’s neighborhood. Joel dressed like the Roadrunner and gave the coyote the dynamite,” Burch said before erupting in laughter.

According to the Wisconsin DNR, “the coyote is a smart and highly adaptable animal. While the ranges of most other mammal predators have gotten smaller as humans have expanded where they live, the coyote’s distribution throughout North American has expanded. Coyotes have been able to adapt to living near humans. Some coyotes live in large urban areas like Milwaukee and Madison. While city open spaces with green, mowed grass provide coyotes with plenty of rabbits to eat, their preferred habitat is forest, woodland edge, and sometimes dry marsh or prairie if it provides enough cover.”

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