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A banner outside the 3rd Avenue Apartments proclaims the 50th anniversary of the creation of the 30-unit building, which opened in 1970.

“Action began this week on the 30-unit low-cost housing for the elderly project in Osceola. The $465,000 project will be a one-story building of 30 units.” This is the opening paragraph from a 1970 story in the Osceola Sun about what has become known as the 3rd Avenue Apartments.

The apartments opened in 1971 and the complex is marking its 50th Anniversary this year.

The story in the Sun said work on the project began in the spring of 1967.

Angela Anderson manages the building for the Osceola Housing Authority and explains the facility is public housing with income-based rent, subsidized by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Residents pay 30% of their income in rent. Utilities are included with the rent. The facility is non-smoking.

Anderson says the majority of the residents at the complex are the near elderly, elderly and disabled. All apartments are one-bedroom units. There is a common area and larger kitchen for gatherings, laundry facilities, parking for residents’ cars and a back yard and deck.

Anderson has served as manager of the building for 22 years. She is retiring in December and Sherry Campeau is replacing her as manager. Bruce Smith and Megan DeNucci work in maintenance at the facility.

Anderson is proud of receiving a 100 “perfect” score from HUD on their last wo inspections. Very few facilities receive a perfect score from HUD during their unscheduled inspections.

During her 22 year tenure at the Osceola Housing Authority, Anderson has overseen a total remodeling for the facility. Eight of the units recently had kitchen remodels, replacing 24” wide stoves with full size 30” stoves. She is pleased with the support the complex has from the board and the village.

The complex has six to eight people on a waiting list for apartments.

The Osceola Housing Authority is overseen by a four-member board. Carl Rossi is the board president, Scott Henningsgard the vice president, Dennis Tomfohrde, Mike Miller and Peggy Johnson round out the board.

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