Big Rock Creek

Big Rock Creek has been transformed into a Christmas wonderland for Miracle at Big Rock Creek.

A winter wonderland located in St. Croix Falls

If you are looking for a way to celebrate the season, make your way to Miracle at Big Rock Creek. Nestled just north of St. Croix Falls, Miracle at Big Rock is nearly a 1000-acre winter wonderland in Wisconsin. The property offers panoramic view of gorgeous countryside. 

Big Rock Creek describes itself as, “A historic venue owned and operated by family for families and friends to come for good old-fashioned fun- not just to see but to experience and feel the beautiful unique environment.” Their mission is to entertain, inform, and inspire people through the power of unparalleled experiences, memories and storytelling that reflects the historic charm of the property and family oriented morals. 

Experience the nostalgia on the 200-year-old timbers that were used to build The Lyon. Originally a traditional barn, it was one of the largest barns in western Wisconsin at the time it was built. The Lyon, in reference to the train station, Gare De Lyon, is the main building on the Big Rock Creek property. The timbers are made up from old railroad ties and trestles, and they have stamps on them indicating where they came from. 

Over the years, minor updates have been done to the property, but its original old-fashioned feel has been preserved; the original wood burning fireplaces, timbers, decor and much more all remain on the property. Today the building is used for a variety of events. 

From Black Friday through January Miracle at Big Rock offers visitors a 1-mile-long lighting tour, approximately 12 themes and activities, heated indoor holiday vendors, food trucks, Santa photos, sledding, sleigh rides, rented tents are available. People can make s’mores, watch fireworks, enjoy rafted cocktails, weekend surprises and pop-ups! Guests can choose a “walk through” of “drive through” experience. Miracle at Big Rock also offers Veteran Free Thursday’s with a valid Military ID.

According to Krista Reischl, director of events and marketing at Big Rock Creek, “This year we partnered with MN Helicopters and will offer guests helicopter rides to see the lights. Valley Sweets of St. Croix Falls will be offering free cookie decorating for children. All guests who buy tickets for Miracle at Big Rock are able to receive a 15% discount if they reserve a room at the Holiday Inn Express.”

“Our goal is to get people out in a safe manner and spend time with friends and family in a unique way. The experience is the miracle” says Reischl.

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