Jo Everson and Cynthia Thorman will be the chief election officers for the Town of Osceola for the coming year.

Election inspectors, also known as poll workers, staff the polling place on Election Day. Election inspectors’ duties include setting up the polling place, preserving order, registering electors, recording voter numbers, issuing ballots, monitoring voting equipment, counting votes and properly completing forms. The board chairperson of each municipality shall nominate to the governing body no later than their last regular meeting in December of each odd-numbered year the necessary election officials for each polling place and any election officials required. 

The clerk gives the names of the election officials role. A Chief Election Inspector needs to be on the premises during the entire day of the election, which is one reason to appoint more than one Chief Election Inspector. The Chief Election Inspector has a lot of extra responsibilities regarding election rules and procedures, along with having to know all of the election inspector station jobs.

Chair Lindh suggested Jo Everson and Teresa Utke be named Chief Election Inspectors, and Jim Brudage, Trishia Carlson, and Terilyn Wallis be named as Chief Election Inspectors in Training. Due to the scrutiny she experienced during the 2021 elections, it was suggested not to name Cynthia Thorman to either of these positions.

Thorman spoke to the board and expressed her enjoyment of going through the election training with Jo and the election process itself. “I took the hit for the errors made in the April 2021 election. There were a lot of people working and everyone was doing the best job they could. I was the one to find the error and reported it as quickly as possible. The Wisconsin Elections Commission and legal counsel commended her on how the situation was handled. If  I am not considered for the Chief Election Inspector role, and would hope to be given a second chance.” 

Community members in attendance were given the opportunity to speak. During public comment Merle Aarthun and Tom Magnifici expressed concern about Cynthia Thorman is removed from consideration for Chief Election Inspector based on the last election.

Neil Gustafson expressed concern about having a town board supervisor (Everson) be a Chief Election Inspector, even though Everson brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the position. Everson pointed out that it is lawful for a town board supervisor (and even a town chair) to be a Chief Election Inspector so long as they are not on the ballot.

A motion by Lindh and Gustafson suggested that the Chief Election Officers be: Jo Iverson, Cynthia Thorman and Teresa Utke. Chief Election Inspectors in training be: Jim Brundage, Trisha Carlson and Terilyn Wallis. The motion carried. Lindh and Gustafson motion to adopt resolution 21-12-01 to appoint 2022-2023 Election Inspectors carried.

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