‘I ate it’

Town of Osceola Supervisor Jo Everson addressed concerns raised during public comment sessions in past monthly board meetings, taking the podium used for public comments to address them directly.

“I was asked to give a brief update on the past two public comments made at Town board meetings,” Everson said.

“In August, Melissa Ward stated, and this is verbatim: ‘It has been brought to my attention that Jo Everson has gone out into the public and admitted that she has been paid under the table.’ This is incorrect and slanderous. I have not stated in public that I was paid under the table by the Town. I have not received money under the table from the Town and I have never received wages for my clerk work, either directly or indirectly,” Everson said.

“In September, Glyn Thorman spoke during the public comment period that on November 9, 2020, several friends and neighbors held a get together. I was not able to attend the get together because my back had went out after the 18-hour day at the November 3 election. But a few friends came over to bring me the cake, along with a card, signed by many, with an anonymous cash gift,” Everson said.

“At this time, I was not the clerk, I was not an elected official and the elections for 2020 were over. The kind gesture of friendship and support has now evolved into a malicious accusation. I did not know as an election inspector that I could not receive the cake, card or nominal anonymous cash gift,” Everson said.

“When the conflict of interest was brought to my attention, I made every effort in good faith to return any money. I unfortunately cannot return the cake. I ate it,” she said.

“I have remedied this situation in full and will not apologize to Melissa Ward. That is all I have to say about these issues. Can we now please move on to constructive Town business? Thank you,” Everson concluded.


Help wanted:

Town Supervisor

The Town of Osceola is looking for a good man or woman to be the fifth member of the town board.

Board Chair Dale Lindh reported he has spoken with one candidate — Ryan Lee — about filling the vacancy when Mike Wallis resigned from board. Lindh told the board October 4 that Lee, who had applied for an earlier vacancy, had no interest in filling the position.

The board decided to advertise one more time for applicants and if the position cannot be filled before the end of the year, it will remain open until the April election.

Denise Skjerven was sworn in as the new clerk. Public Works Director Tony Johnson’s last day is October 15. The board discussed the hiring process for Johnson’s position, they have seven applicants.

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