Last week, the Town of Osceola board of supervisors accepted two letters of resignation. Supervisor Bernie Desmarais and Supervisor Jo Everson submitted their resignations to the board, effective immediately. On Friday, Oct. 14, 2022, Chair Dale Lindh confirmed both resignations. As a result, the Town held a special meeting Monday, Oct. 17, 2022, to consider acceptance of the two Supervisor resignations, consider posting open positions for town supervisors, consider appointment of Town Supervisor to Planning Commission, consider appointment and discussion of board assignments - which includes a designated Supervisor (first alternate for Chair), designated alternate (second alternate for Chair) and Community Board.

“I’m writing to inform you of my decision to resign my position as a Supervisor on the Osceola Township Board as well as my appointment to the planning commission and Media Committee effective immediately,” said Desmarais in his letter of resignation Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2022. “My involvement with the town board began with an invitation to attend public meetings and witness several governing issues which did not reflect what I believed to be good leadership and fair representation of the citizens of our community. I am pleased my vocal contributions led to the formation of a five-member board of supervisors. Aside from that one fundamental improvement, very little has changed for the better. In fact, one could argue the political dynamics associated with this current board have made things worse. Therefore, I have decided to devote my energies elsewhere. Thank you for your service to the community and the opportunity to serve along side you. I wish you and the remaining Supervisors well and encourage you to support each others as a equal members of a team needed to be effective in serving all taxpayers.”

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