Do not enter

Barriers block the overlook to Cascade Falls.

Due to structural concerns with adjacent properties, the Village of Osceola posted a public notice Nov. 18, that the Cascade Falls Trail Head will be closed until further notice. 

The immediate closure includes the upper deck, stairs and lower landing, and all access to the immediate area. 

The public notice states, “While the Village does not anticipate any issue occurring, the safety of our community and our visitors are paramount.

“The notice shall prevail until such a time that Village representatives are assured the area is safe.”

During the Village of Osceola Village Board meeting that was held in December, Osceola Fire and Rescue reported that department officers gathered on the evening of Nov. 18 to review response plans based on information obtained with regard to property at 101 N. Cascade Street. The report indicates that, “structural integrity had been compromised in the prior week. Due to location, topography and other exposure risks, potential response plans and actions were discussed.”

“Concerns still remain with regard to risk mitigation around gas and electric utilities pending the extent of structural compromise. The incident highlighted a need to better communicate at the department level when there are significant factors that are unknown. Collaboration on roles and responsibilities – and verification in a timely manner is important to all parties involved.”

According to Village Administrator Ben Krumenauer, “The village received a heads up that the property had suffered structural issues. Out of an abundance of caution the Village decided to close access to the staircase and the lower landing.” Krumenauer stated. “Nobody likes to see these things happen. We want to see the building repaired successfully and the Village will help support the process in appropriate ways.”

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