Valley Christian VB Team

Members of the  Valley Christian School vollleyball team include Coach Schone, Ella Bowers, Julia Milner, Abeni Richter, Emra Cross, Chloe Thompson, Brina Richter, Elliana Johanson, Milenia Johanson, Bekka Anderson, Hope Naegelen.


Valley Christian School has had a great volleyball season. The Jaguars play other private schools in Minnesota, which are mostly a part of the Christian Athletic League(CAL). 

The team has done very well this year, but one particular game stands out. This game followed a win. The players were worn out; it was lunch time; they were ready to be done and go home;  and the girls didn’t quite know what to expect, but they were determined to play hard.The first match they won, but not by much. The second match they lost, but again, not by much. 

At this point in the game the crowd was cheering and excited to see what would happen next! The third match came and  they won, so they only had to win one more to win the game! In the fourth match, the other team won, and by a fair amount.  The Jaguars were bummed, but would play the last game with all the energy they had left! 

The final game had started; the Jaguars were in the lead,  but their opponents were not far behind. The Jaguars took the win and the game was over! The reason this game meant so much was because we learned as a team to remain strong to the end. Valley Christian School has yet to finish their volleyball ball season, and hopefully it is just as exciting!    

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