Caleb Steffen

Caleb Steffen takes a handoff from quarterback Jack Clark during the St. Croix Falls game against the Cameron Comets. Turnovers proved costly for SCF as they fell 35-13 in a HON contest. 


When and Where: October 16th at St. Croix Falls

Outcome: Cameron 35, St. Croix Falls 13

Summary: Most of the game stats were pretty even between the St. Croix Falls Saints and the Cameron Comets. Total yards were separated by just five; first downs were 18 for SCF and 15 for the Comets. Unfortunately turnovers were ugly for both teams with the Saints losing the ball seven times and Cameron four.

Comments: “This is high school football,” St. Croix Falls Coach Grant Belisle began. “It brings ‘highs’ and ‘lows’. The game against Cameron was a very low feeling for us. No excuses, nobody to blame, just plain old not doing things correctly. It starts at the top with myself. As a coach, I (we) have not prepared our kids for the physical nature of football. Blocking, tackling, and taking care of the football are essential fundamentals of the game, and we’re not getting our players prepared well enough for that. The ‘ball’ is everything in this game and we’re not treating it important enough. Seven turnovers and an onside kick recovery for Cameron means we gave them all kinds of extra opportunities. We also missed many tackles.”

Overview: “As much as it pains me to say it, the result of this game is what should have happened,” Belisle continued. “High school football will deliver humility, honesty, and force all levels of players and coaches to look in the mirror and figure out how they approach the next day, week, and game.  Our kids need to find a way to put this game behind us and move onto the next opponent.” 

Positive Note: “On the brighter side, Dayo Oye rushed for 248 yards and hit the end zone twice on the night,” Belisle reported. “He’s been taking the brunt of our carries and doing great things with the ball.  Caleb Steffen is also getting a little bit healthier and closer to his old self one week at a time.”

Upcoming: “We go up to conference leading Cumberland this week, and we haven’t seen team speed like they have,” Belisle said. “Without a doubt, we will need to be good in space this week and take care of the football.”


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