Jed Durand

Jed Durand and Chieftain player partner Hahns Huebsch won a thrilling tie-breaker at No. 1 doubles against New Richmond. The Osceola team continues to show improvement up and down the roster.


Yes, the final team score shows that the New Richmond Tigers tennis team defeated the Osceola Chieftains by a score of 6-1. Despite the loss to New Richmond the Chieftains continue to show improvement up and down their thin roster. 

The highlight of the match for Osceola no doubt was in the No. 1 doubles match. It was not only a solid Chieftain win but it was a thrilling win. Osceola juniors Hahns Huebsch and Jed Durand opened their match with a convincing 6-2 decision in the first set. New Richmond’s Matt Kukacka and Brandon Dennis completely turned the tables in the second set with a 6-0 win. The Chieftain duo was able to regain momentum to close out the match with a 10-8 win in the tie-breaker.

“It was an extremely close match but we played hard and left everything out on the court,” Huebsch said.

“The second set was a little rough but we found our game again and pulled through in the tiebreaker.”

“Whew,” Osceola coach Beth Friedrichsen exclaimed. “What an exciting surprise as Jed and Hahns took New Richmond’s No. 1 doubles to a third set tie break and won. The first set we saw some holes in how New Richmond was playing and Jed and Hahns were able to capitalize on that and take that set. Then the second set New Richmond seemed to get their act together. Then all four of the guys were playing out of their minds and it was an exciting ten point tie break that ended in our favor.  I’m very excited for Hahns and Jed to get that win.”

Osceola won the tie-breaker at No. 1 doubles but suffered a tie-breaking disappointment at No. 3 doubles. New Richmond defeated Osceola’s Travis Jennings and Jackson Dvorak in the first set 6-1 but the Chieftain twosome got the match back to even with a 7-5 win in the second set. The Tiger’s won the tie-breaker 10-8.

“Travis and Jackson were so close to a win they could have tasted it” Friedrichsen said. “They were actually up 5-2 in the ten point tie-breaker. That is how fickle and uncertain a tennis match can be.”

Osceola continues to improve at each spot in the lineup including exchange student Keng Eungumporn who is playing at the No. 3 singles spot. Eungumporn never picked up a tennis racket until he got to the United States.

“Keng had a nice match as well,” Friedrichsen noted. “He came off the court smiling and was happy that he was able to get to deuce a few times.”


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