Kathryn Marek

Kathryn Marek has played an important role in the Osceola tennis team’s success this season. The Chieftains continue to play well despite the heavy load of games. 


What can be better than playing tennis in the fall for the Osceola Chieftains? As the season began there were lots of questions as to whether the season could be played. So far, so good. Last week Osceola played tennis, and they played, and they played, and they played. The Chieftains played three dual meet matches during the week and completed play with a four team mini-tournament on Saturday to wrap up a busy six day stretch.

Osceola split a pair of conference matches with a big win on the road at Mondovi and a road loss to Amery. The Chieftains dropped a non-conference matchup with River Falls. OHS then fared very well at the four team event held in Baldwin.

“A super showing at the tournament for the girls,” Osceola Coach Beth Friedrichsen said about the week’s finale. “So proud of the grit that the singles’ ladies were showing with their tenacity and ability to push through some tough matches. At this tournament the girls were guaranteed two matches win or lose the first one. It was a tournament style but much to their dismay there were no trophies. If there had been, Hope (Lowney) would have been third, Sophia (LaVigne) would have been first, Caitlin (Karun) would have been first, Autumn (Guckenberg) would have been third and Jordan (Vetter) would have been second. Pretty great.”

In doubles play the tandem of Morgan Feldt and Jam Dannenmueller finished second in the No. 2 spot and the No. 3 doubles team of Adason Gault and Alexis See and the No. 4 team of Samantha Mortenson and Shakira Wei both finished third.

“Osceola has such a dedicated group of girls,” Feldt said. “We are incredibly supportive of each other which makes us such a strong team. We don’t give up easily and we aren’t afraid of a little competition. I’m excited to see the girls go far this season.”

Osceola won a pair of matches in their contest with River Falls. LaVigne won her No. 2 singles match and Guckenberg won at No. 4 singles with both wins coming in straight sets. The Chieftains won three of four singles matches against Mondovi with Lowney, LaVigne and Guckenberg all securing team points for OHS. Rachel Olson and Kathryn Marek won their No. 1 doubles contest and Dannenmueller and Feldt earned a team point at the No. 2 spot with a win. Osceola lost to Amery, always a tough assignment, by a team score of 6-1.

“It was a beautiful week of tennis,” Friedrichsen said. “Conference-wise we beat Mondovi, always a good win for the Chiefs. Amery is still a tough competitor all around, although our No. 2 doubles team of Feldt and Dannenmueller was strong and focused that day and did get on the winning side of a 10 point tie-breaker so Amery did not shut us out.”

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