Braden Thomas

Braden Thomas competes at the No. 2 singles spot for Osceola. The Chieftains completed their MBC schedule last week and move to WIAA tournament action this week. 


The Osceola Chieftain tennis team finished their regular season at the Middle Border conference championships held in New Richmond. With some tough draws staring the Osceola athletes in their face the Chieftain were unable to put any team points on the board. Despite the lack of wins it was a growing experience for the young Osceola team. Amery finished in first place with Eau Claire Regis and Altoona close behind.

“It was a gorgeous day for the MBC tournament and the boys really played their best,” Osceola coach Beth Friedrichsen said. 

It is not just wins and losses that can show how a team has improved during the season. Another gauge is how well you play against an opponent as compared to how you matched up earlier in the season. 

Despite Osceola’s loss at No. 2 doubles by Colin Krentz and Zeke Lowney, Friedrichsen was happy with their play.

“It is always so impressive to see how much better we play against opponents that they played earlier in the season,” Friedrichsen said. “Like Zeke and Colin and how much more they improved over Regis from when they first played them.”

Unfortunately the spring season is not very long for tennis. The young Osceola squad was definitely showing improvement but now the season is drawing to a close.

“The ‘bugger’ with the boys’ season is that it is so quick and then it is over,” Friedrichsen said. “I am so grateful for the kids that we had this season. We had a great deal of fun and laughs and I hope that word gets out about how much fun tennis is and more kids come and play next year.”

Certainly one of the season’s highlights has been the play of exchange student Keng Eungumporn, spending his senior year in Osceola. Although Eungumporn was unable to break into the win column he must be commended for his effort. Before arriving in the United States he had never picked up a tennis racket but yet felt the experience would be worthwhile.

“I got a chance to go to Osceola High School this year,” Eungumporn said. “For spring sports I chose tennis. It was a whole new thing for me. I didn’t have any experience about tennis at all before I came here. Now I am so glad that I joined tennis. I became friends with my teammates. We had a lot of fun together. The coaches were also very nice to me even though I was a slow learner in sports. This will be one of the best experiences of being here. It’s been such a good time with Osceola tennis. Thank you all very much.”

Osceola now turns its attention to the WIAA tournament with the Sub-Sectionals at Baldwin. It will be a chance for Osceola to see competition that they haven’t faced yet this season.

“This is always interesting because more schools get thrown in the mix that we have not seen, like Newman Catholic and Medford,” Friedrichsen said. 

With the team showing improvement week after week Osceola is hopeful of springing a few upsets on the tournament courts.

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