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OHS Baseball

April 9 vs. New Richmond.

April 14 vs. Somerset.

April 16 at Amery.

April 20 at Spooner.

April 21 at Ellsworth.

April 23 vs. Baldwin-Woodville.

April 24 vs. River Falls.

April 28 at Prescott.

April 30 at New Richmond.

May 1 at Chisago Lakes.

May 5 vs. St. Croix Central.

May 7 at Somerset.

May 9 at Rice Lake.

May 11 at St. Croix Central.

May 12 vs. Amery.

May 14 vs. Ellsworth.

May 19 at Baldwin-Woodville.

May 21 vs. Prescott.

ay 26 vs. St. Croix Falls.

OHS Golf

April 14 at New Richmond.

April 21 at Bristol Ridge.

April 24 at Amery.

April 27 at Ellsworth.

April 29 at Whitetail.

May 1 at Bloomer.

May 8 at Scott Miller Invitational.

May 9 at Scott Miller Invitational.

May 12 at Krooked Kreek.

May 18 at Pheasant Hills.

May 27 at Clifton Highland.

ohs soccer

April 7 vs. Somerset.

April 9 vs. Eau Claire Regis.

April 16 vs. Barron.

April 20 vs. Spooner.

April 23 at Somserset.

April 28 vs. Amery.

April 30 at Spooner.

May 2 at Rice Lake.

May 5 at Baldwin-Woodville.

May 7 at Eau Claire Regis.

May 11 at Barron.

May 14 vs. New Richmond.

May 18 at Hayward.

May 1 vs. Baldwin-Woodville.

ohs softball

April 8 vs. Amery.

april 14 at St. Croix Central.

April 17 vs. Prescott.

April 20 vs. Ellsowrth.

April 21 vs. New Richmond.

April 23 vs. Somerset.

April 28 at Baldwin-Woodville.

April 30 at Amery.

May 1 at New Richmond.

May 2 at Poynette.

May 5 at Prescott.

May 7 vs. St. Croix Central.

May 11 at Ellsowrth.

May 12 at New Richmond.

May 18 vs. Baldwin-Woodville.

ohs tennis

April 16 Quad at Osceola.

April 18 at Baldwin-Woodville.

April 21 at Eau Clare Regis

April 23 vs. Baldwin-Woodville.

April 28 at Amery.

April 30 vs. Altoona.

May 5 at River Falls.

May 7 at New Richmond.

May 9 at Eau Cliare Regis.

May 14 vs. Ellsworth.

May 18 Osceola tournament.

May 26 at West Salem.

OHS track

April 9 at New Richmond.

April 17 at Hudson.

April 21 Osceola Invitational.

April 24 at River Falls.

April 28 Osceola Invitational.

May 5 at Amery.

May 8 at New Richmond.

May 12 Quad at Osceola.

May 18 at Amery.


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