Dylan Doolittle

Dylan Doolittle and his USCF took a 1-0 lead in the first half against a potent Barron team. Barron came back to win 2-1. USCF won 1-0 at Hayward earlier in the week. 


When and Where:  Oct. 13 at Hayward

Outcome: Unity/St. Croix Falls 1, Hayward 0

Comments: “Remembering last year’s Regional championship game held at Hayward we were excited to visit the field again,” Coach Craig Zipperer said. “Although we controlled most of the game, trying to get a correct roll of the ball on the grass was difficult. The pitch conditions lacked the attention that it had in past years. Both teams struggled with this and our tactics of playing small ball passing had to be changed to look for more through balls. Our defense is a mature group and consistently does a nice job of protecting our goal. With many opportunities we just had to have patience, knowing that eventually our play will pay off. In the 54 minute mark we were awarded a goal. Unfortunately none of our players got credit for it because it was considered an “own” goal by the Hayward defense. There were no other goals scored in the game.”

When and Where: Oct. 15 at Unity

Outcome: Barron 2, USCF 1

Comments: The families that witnessed this game saw a game that was played at a level of playoff soccer,” Zipperer said. “The quality of the play was superior to that of any of the games during the season. SCF player, Owen McDonough, created an opportunity for himself close to the goal and was brought down inside the goal box. Carson Cross capitalized on this opportunity and placed a ball in the upper corner of the goal out of the diving reach of the goalie. At the end of the first half Unity/SCF had a one to nothing lead. It didn’t take long for another opportunity to arise for the home team. Owen was again taken down in the box and Carson Cross’s shot was saved by their keeper. You could feel how that save energized the Bears and soon they scored on their own and then were the recipients of an unfortunate hand ball in the box. Barron won 2-1.”

When and Where: Oct. 17 at Unity

Outcome: Cumberland 7, USCF 0

Comments: “With this game re-scheduled after the Regional ranking meeting and the game against Barron was lost, this rematch ended up meaning more to the Unity/SCF soccer program to gain experience for some of the younger players,” Zipperer said. “For the entire season the JV had a total of two games due to Covid concerns. They deserved another game and this was scheduled at an opportune time.”

Upcoming: USCF played Spooner in the opening game of the Regional on Oct. 20th. The winner of that game will play the winner of the game between Somerset and Baldwin-Woodville on Oct. 24.

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