Flex Gymnastics

The Diamond Team is one of five teams that compete from Flex Gymnastics. From left: Coach Cassie DeLuca, Courtney Kompelien, Megan Hendrickson, Megan Hall, Mazie Gillespie, and Coach Ted DeLuca.  Back row: Coach Joey DeLuca. 


Flex Gymnastics, formerly of St. Croix Falls, now has a permanent home in Osceola. Owners and head coaches Cassie and Ted DeLuca moved into the location just north of Osceola next to Highway 35 in January of this year.   

Flex Gymnastics offers competitive and recreational programs for ages 18 months - 18 years. Gymnasts compete through the USA Gymnastics Xcel program, which offers five levels including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. 

Flex currently has 39 gymnasts in its team program and had a strong showing in the regular season competition, which just wrapped up after competing in five meets in the Twin Cities.  Some highlights from the season include first, third, and fourth place finishes for the Bronze team; first, third, and fourth place finishes for the Silver team; second and two third place finishes for the Gold team; four first place finishes and a second place finish for the Platinum team; and two first place finishes along with a second place finish for the Diamond team. All regular season meets are scored for individual places as well as team places.  In addition to a very successful team season, Flex individuals also placed very well. Flex competes against the top teams in the Twin Cities.  

All Flex team gymnasts will be competing in the Wisconsin State Meet in Green Bay March 30 - 31.  

For more information about classes, team tryouts, or State Meet results, visit the Flex website (www.flexgymnastics.com) or follow Flex on Facebook.

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