The Osceola Village Board met for a regular meeting on January 14, 2020 at the Village Hall/Discovery Center.  Village President Jeromy Buberl called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Present:  Buberl, Bob Schmidt, Travis Murphy, Van Burch, Deb Rose, Bruce Gilliland, and Tim Anderson.  

Staff present:  Krumenauer, Duncanson, Friendshuh, Waters, Stark. 

Others present:  Various citizens

Motion by Rose and seconded by Anderson to approve the agenda.   

Ayes-7 Nays-0 Motion carried.

Motion by Schmidt and seconded by Gilliland to approve the minutes of:

a) Regular meeting dated December 10, 2019

b) Special meeting dated December 30, 2019

c) Special meeting dated January 8, 2020

Ayes-7 Nays-0 Motion carried.

Public input and ideas (Limit 5 minutes per speaker) 

Nancy Beck of 370 Ladd Lane commented on the impact of the recent tax increase. Beck inquired if a full report or inquest will be done and supplied to taxpayers. Krumenauer responded that once the current debt load was paid off, taxes would return to normal and that they would all work together, and major projects would be initiated in the next few years.  

No one else wished to speak at that time. After several confirmations the public input portion of the meeting was closed by Buberl.

1. Reports

a) Staff Reports

i. Administration - Krumenauer reported that the Osceola School District has requested a review of the speed limit on US HWY 35 near the School and he will reach out to the State about it.  Krumenauer is working with the Village of Dresser to review the sewer billing issues; they agree they owe the money.  Krumenauer is surprised there were so few public speakers and stated the decision to raise taxes was not made lightly and all are in a tough position.  

Tyler Norberg of 101 2nd Ave came forward to speak and stated how surprised he was at how much higher taxes are here than in Minnesota.  Norberg asked if we compared our tax rate with other Wisconsin communities and suggested we get a handle on capital investments.   

i. Police - Pedrys recapped the monthly report and stated December did not have the usual spike in mental health issues.  The annual December low light shoot was held.  New Years Eve went well and they are finding people do set up designated drivers.  Tanner Rebhan the new part time officer now ready for patrol.  Pedrys reminded that Community Coffee is held every month at Caribou for citizens to come down to meet and talk to the officers. 

i. Public Works -Waters stated the milder winter has allowed them to delve into other projects.  They have been working on Holiday decorating and removal and banners.  Many of them are 20 years old and are falling apart. It is now skating weather and the warming shack is open.  December was very busy in WISLR and pavement ratings.    

ii Library-Friendshuh reviewed the Directors report and gave a 2019 year in review power point.  Circulation was 73,792 a huge increase from last year, ranking 12th in the IFLS System of 50.  This number does not include e-book circulation.  Public computer access in 2019 was 4856 times.  People use the computers for research, job applications, taxes, and play games.  There were 526 new patrons largely due to new space and amenities.  More than 4,900 use Osceola for their home library.  

iii. Fire-Stark reported last month had seven total runs with four in Osceola and the rest mutual aid.  The 1972 truck replacement will be delivered the first part of February. The new extractor and drying system is in place for the turnout gear.  

iv. Building permits-Krumenauer stated December was quiet. 2019 had 22 new homes and total permits valued at $7.4 million.  

a) Chamber of Commerce/Mainstreet-New board members were introduced by Germaine Ross.  The Board went from seven to twelve members.  New officers are:  Lisa Erickson, Jay Macki Nancy Beck, Anna Lund.  4,500 people were attracted to downtown for events recording over $261,000 in income for the area.  The number of volunteers as nearly doubled.  The Chamber Board members in attendance had several comments relating to the recent tax increase.

1. Other business – discussion and possible action re:

Swearing in of the Village Clerk-Krumenauer administered the oath of office to Village Clerk Frances Duncanson. 

Motion by Rose and seconded by Anderson to approve Resolution #20-01 titled “Approval of authorization for banking”. 

Ayes-7 Nays-0 Motion carried.

Motion by Gilliland and seconded by Burch to approve the engagement letter for annual audit services by Johnson and Block in the amount of $31,250.

Ayes-7 Nays-0 Motion carried.

Motion by Gilliland and seconded by Schmidt to approve Resolution #20-02 titled “Intent to reimburse expenditures”.

Ayes-7 Nays-0 Motion carried.

Krumenauer explained this in relation to the purchase and final payment of the 2019 Custom Fire truck.  The resolution enables Village the opportunity to refinance capital purchase in the future to save money.  It is not fiscally binding and would require final board approval later on.   

Update on potential gravel quarry expansion

Krumenauer commented on the quarry near the Village in the Town of Farmington.  He is working with residents to learn more about what is going on and attended the Town of Farmington meeting. Buberl commented the mine has been there 34 years and residents are concerned about expansion.  The Town of Farmington has moratorium on permits that would have expired the end of March that has now been extended until the end of June.  The Village does not have any official position on the matter.  Trustee Rose has attended meetings to gather information so we can provide protection for Village residents who live nearby.  Buberl stated he can see both sides as this is a business that wants to expand.  Schmidt stated he is a lifelong resident but struggles with telling a businesses they can’t do something and agrees with Rose that future Village expansion lies to the south.  Burch stated he agrees but is concerned about the Ridge Road citizens as well.  Gilliland stated we need to develop that approach, to be a good neighbor, yet protect our Village and citizens.  There is a definite concern and we need to be proactive and balance the needs of all the parties.  Anderson stated he is not 100% familiar with all the aspects of the issue but fells it is a good idea for us to hear both perspectives and we need to get the facts of what DNR and other permitting entities cover before charting a path.  Village officials will continue to gather information.  

Trudy Lorenz of 809 Oak Ridge Drive encouraged the Board to view the mine and water table and felt science will make us more comfortable.  

Germaine Ross stated she had nothing against mining but was concerned about truck traffic as a Main Street community.  Burch stated trucks come from all directions and questioned how can we regulate it.  There was also concern expressed about St. Croix River stewardship.  

Phillip Mattison stated we need to increase revenues from business and we need out of town money.  He questioned stopping expansion because of trucks and stated we need to look for opportunities.  

Motion by Rose and seconded by Burch to approve Ordinance #20-01: ATV UTV

Roll call vote:  Ayes-Buberl, Rose, Burch, Murphy, Schmidt, Gilliland, Anderson  Nays-0Motion carried.  

Motion by Burch and seconded by Gilliland to authorization for purchase of Custom Fire Tele-Squirt Fire Truck final amount of $413,170. 

Ayes-7 Nays-0 Motion carried.

Motion by Rose and seconded by Gilliland to authorize a letter of support for the Polk County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan grant request.

Ayes-6Nays-0 Abstains-1 (Anderson)

Permits and Licenses

a) Special Event Permit

i. Osceola Firefighters Ball  

Motion by Burch and seconded by Murphy to approve the Special Event Permit for the Osceola Firefighters Ball.

Ayes-7 Nays-0 Motion carried.

a) Licenses

i. Class “B” Beer and Class “C” Wine License  

Motion by Burch and seconded by Anderson to approve the application from the Pizza Cellar for a Class “B” Beer and Class “C” Wine license at 102 Second Avenue.  

Ayes-7 Nays-0 Motion carried.

1. Board, Committee, Commission and Agency Reports

a. Police and Fire Committee – July 15, 2019

b. Osceola Library Board – November 14, 2019

c. Airport Commission – November 18, 2019

Motion by Schmidt and seconded by Murphy to appove the above listed reports. 

Ayes-7 Nays-0Motion carried.

1.Financial update

Krumenauer reviewed tax collections.  

Motion by Burch and seconded by Gilliland to approval of vouchers payable $1.25 million dollars.

Ayes-7 Nays-0Motion carried.

1. Discussion of and action on any other appropriate items-

Buberl stated he would like people to be more involved and reminded that decisions made affects all of them including the Board.  They are trying to create more openness and communication and it is important to remember that local politics impacts your life a lot.  Buberl encouraged the public to consider volunteering, serving on a committee or commission or run for office.  

Kelly Peterson of 622 Keekview Drive came forward and commented on the tax and utility rate increase.  Buberl responded he would talk to her after the meeting as public comments were not reopened.  

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m by President Buberl

Respectfully submitted by

Frances Duncanson, MMC-WCPC

Village Clerk-Treasurer



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