Pursuant to due call and notice posted October 3, 2019 the Village of Osceola Board met in regular session on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. in the Village Hall/Discovery Center – Large Meeting Room (205).

Present: Buberl, Schmidt, Burch, Rose, Gilliland and Anderson

Absent: Murphy (excused)

Also present:Krumenauer, Pedrys, Cutts, Elfstrom, Waters, press and public                                                                             

1. Buberl called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

2.  Buberl requested an amendment to the agenda by placing item 7 above item 6. Motion by Rose and seconded by Burch to approve the agenda as adjusted. 

(Vote: Yes – 6, No – 0. Motion carried)

3. Motion by Anderson and seconded by Gilliland to approve the minutes from the September 10, 2019 Village Board meeting. 

(Vote:  Yes – 6, No – 0. Motion carried)

4. Service recognition for retiring Police Office Dan Kelley – A brief presentation was made by Police Chief Pedrys recognizing Officer Kelley for his years of service. A recognition award was given in appreciation of his tenure in the Village of Osceola.

5. Public Input and Ideas – Barb Wetzel, 112 Belmont St both a resident and a representative of the League of Women Voters stated on the record her desire to see the Discovery Center renamed to state library. Additionally, she stated her concern with the lack of wayfinding signage and directional signs pointing to the building from adjacent roadways.

7. Update on 2019 Municipal Borrow Measure (Justin Fischer, Baird) – Justin Fischer, representing Baird Financial, gave an overview of the recently completed municipal refinancing. The borrow measure was very favorable for the community and will result in long-term savings. At present, Mr. Fischer recommended the Village continue to invest in its fund reserve balance as well as continue to monitor utility rates.

(No action taken)

6. Other Business

a) St Croix National Scenic Riverway Presentation (Julie Galonska) – An update presentation was given by the National Park Service regarding Osceola Landing. The intent is to improve safety, usability, access and amenities. Ms. Galonska also provided a brief update on the HWY 243 project generally slated for 2025. 

(No action taken)

b) Approval of certified survey map for Kwik Trip Inc. (Parcel no. 165-00612-0000) – Krumenauer outlined the various aspects of the proposed CSM including the long-term intent of the developer and the need for future approvals as the development review process continues. He stated that the focus of this development is land-use related and any zoning review will be presented at a future meeting. Motion by Schmidt and seconded by Anderson to approve the requested certified survey map.

(Vote: Yes – 6, No – 0. Motion carried)

c) Resolution #19-10 designation of authorized representative for EDA award no. 06-01-06086 – Krumenauer outlined the intent of this resolution. With the departure of the Village Clerk, Mr. Krumenauer will need to be designated as the authorized representative for EDA. Motion by Gilliland and seconded by Anderson to approve Resolution #19-10.

(Vote: Yes – 6, No – 0. Motion carried)

d) Resolution #19-11 Village of Osceola Support of Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Community Development Investment Grant – Krumenauer presented the proposed resolution of support for the proposed investment grant. He went on to state that no fiscal impact will be tied to the Village. This resolution is in partnership with the already approved developer agreement. Motion by Burch and seconded by Rose to approve Resolution #19-11.

(Vote: Yes – 6, No – 0. Motion carried)

e) Ordinance #19-01 To Amend the Code of the Village of Osceola Chapter A221 Charter Ordinance and Chapter 40: Officers and Employees (no action) – Krumenauer presented the intent of the ordinance change paperwork. At present, the Village President only has the authority to recommend a Village Clerk/Treasurer position. As such, the Board can only approve that position. Administrator is requesting an ordinance change allowing him to recommend a Clerk and Treasurer if the combined position is no longer viable. This was a discussion item only.

(No action taken)

f. Listing of 102 Chieftain Street and 405 4th Avenue properties – A discussion was held regarding the listing of two Village owned properties. Both properties have structures on them and do not appear to be in the Village’s current development plan. 

Rose expressed her concerns about selling 405 4th Avenue. She is concerned that the Village will end up having to purchase the property again in the future. 

Motion was made by Burch and seconded by Schmidt to direct staff to list the properties with real estate agents. 

Rose stated that she is not in support of the sale of 405 4th Avenue and as such will be voting no.

(Vote: Yes – 5, No – 1 (Rose). Motion carried)

g) Applications for Licenses and Permits

i. Class “B”  Beer & Class “C” Wine License

Uptown Gifts, LLC (111 N. Cascade Street)

Motion was made by Rose and seconded by Burch to approve the Class “B” & Class “C” licenses for Uptown Gifts, LLC.

(Vote: Yes – 6, No – 0. Motion carried)

8. Minutes & Reports

a) Staff Reports

i. Administration – Krumenauer updated the Board on administrative activities.

ii. Police – Pedrys reviewed his memo to the Board and answered questions.

iii. Public Works – Waters reviewed his and Caruso’s memo to the Board.

iv. Library – Krumenauer updated the Board regarding the Wilberg Memorial Public Library.

v. Fire Department – Cutts reviewed the Department’s memo.

vi. Building Permits – No update

b) Chamber of Commerce/Mainstreet – Germaine Ross reviewed the Chamber & Mainstreet Directors report and answered questions.

c) Board, Committee, Commission and Agency Reports – The Board reviewed the following minutes:  Plan Commission – September 3, 2019; Administration and Finance Committee – September 20, 2019; Airport Commission – August 19, 2019.

 9. Vouchers Payable – The Board reviewed the vouchers payable.  Motion by Gilliland and seconded by Rose to approve vouchers.  

(Vote:  Yes – 6, No – 0.  Motion Carried)

10. Discussion and action on any other appropriate items.

Schmidt –  None

Burch –  Commented about Jared Road and whether or not the Village could take part in fixing potholes

Murphy -  Excused

Buberl –  Stated his intent to move “Minutes and Reports” towards the beginning of the agenda so Village staff can leave if appropriate.

Rose –  None

Gilliland –  None

Anderson – Stated his desire to see the Village’s Comprehensive Plan placed on the next agenda.

11. There being no further action Buberl adjourned the meeting at 7:20pm

Respectfully submitted:  Benjamin Krumenauer, Village Administrator



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