The Regular Meeting of the Board of Education for the School District of Osceola was held in the Middle School IMC on December 9, 2020. The meeting was called to order by President Brooke Kulzer at 6:30 P.M. with roll call taken: Pete Kammerud – yes; Kysa Marten –yes; Lanette Johnson-yes; Brian Meyer-yes; and Brooke Kulzer –yes. Superintendent Mark Luebker, Business Manager Lynette Edwards, Director of Instruction Dr. Becky Styles, Director of Pupil Services Jessie Thorson, and Building Principals Adam Spiegel, Scott Newton, Amanda Meyer, Lindsay Thomas and Julie Bender also attended the meeting.

A Brian Meyer/Kysa Marten motion was made to approve the consent agenda without the request to pull any items out for discussion. Motion Carried. 

Adopt the agenda

Approved minutes of the Regular Meeting held on November 18, 2020

Approved minutes of the Special Meeting held on November 25, 2020

2nd Reading Policy: 0100, 7540, 7540.02, 7540.04, 7544

Hires, Resignations, and Recognitions. 



Hire (s): Nicole O’Brien, OES Regular Aide, Autumn Feith, OHS Certified Aide, Greg Kumlien, Asst. Boys Basketball Coach, Lisa Hanson Bus Driver, Trey Boissy, OES Certified Aide

Motion Carried. 

A Pete Kammerud/Lanette Johnson motion was made to approve the payment of bills from General Fund with ACH numbered 202000179-202000206 and computerized checks numbered 181737-181871 for a total of $1,565,243.30 Motion Carried. 

School Board Committee Reports: Lanette Johnson reported on the Committee Meeting held prior to the regular meeting. Building project updates were given by Building & Grounds Director Bob Schmidt. The 2021-2022 school year calendar draft was reviewed, as well as the Learning Model/Return to School Matrix. Superintendent Mark Luebker also reviewed the WASB Annual Board Development Tool. Brooke Kulzer reported on the Committee Meeting that was held on November 18th. Ray Queener presented on the TeamWorks International consulting proposal for Comprehensive Strategic Planning. Social media policies were discussed, as well as the possibility of relisting the School Forest for a sealed bid process. 

A Pete Kammerud/Brian Meyer motion was made to approve a bus purchase. Motion Carried. 

A Brian Meyer/Lanette Johnson motion was made to table the approval of the Learning Model/Return to- School Matrix until the January 6th Board Meeting. Motion Carried. 

 A Pete Kammerud/Brian Meyer motion was made to approve School Safety Drill Reports. Motion Carried. 

A Lanette Johnson/Kysa Marten motion was made to approve the Pre-expulsion guideline as presented by Principal Adam Spiegel. Motion Carried. 

Administrator Reports: 

Business Manager Lynette Edwards: Audited Financial Statements from 2019-20 are complete. Additional Kids Klub grants were received. The total of these is $28,000 since Spring 2020. The CARES Grant funds have been claimed and received for a total of almost $95,000. Federal Emergency COVID sick leave ends December 31. The administrative team has discussed the possibility of continuing the benefit to employees after this date, similarly to neighboring school districts. 

Dr. Becky Styles: There are no District Report Cards this year due to closure in the spring.  The State is updating the report card and is providing us samples with old data so we have an understanding of what it will look like. It will look different but the data will be much the same.  The biggest shift will be Target Populations scoring. This new scoring is intended to provide greater stability than the previous trend-based comparison scoring method. New to the report card will be post high school prep data and arts course participation. Local Universal Assessment will happen in January/February for grades K-8 so we can get a snapshot of where our learners are currently. OVA Update- 82 students currently enrolled.  32 in K-5 grades and 50 in 6-12 grades.

Director of Pupil Services Jessica Thorson: It has been great to see the teamwork from  the special education staff. Staff  from all buildings pitching in to help out when we have staff members out (helping with evaluations, getting IEP meetings set up for each other, or giving up their lunch time to meet and collaborate about students). This goes for support staff too! Staff have bought students Caribou drinks and donuts for their first day of remote learning, helping each other with their Schoology setups, veteran staff providing extra guidance to our new teachers, all going above and beyond. Special education teachers were busy sending out their first set of progress reports last week. This provided some extra challenges with the school closures. But great to see staff rising to the occasion and learning how to give progress monitoring assessments remotely. The high school special education staff have been preparing for the ACT and planning for testing accommodations and how we can best support our students with IEP’s and 504’s in the spring for state assessments.

Principal Adam Spiegel: We just wrapped up trimester 1. It was great to see the students in the building for the start of trimester 2 in their cohorted groups. Staff did an amazing job getting the students wrapped up with trimester 1 and started with trimester 2. Most staff saw close to 150+ kids that day and it went great. Trimester 2 is off to a good start. It is great to walk around and see the teachers engaged with the students virtually. Staff are meeting with kids all afternoon to help support them via Google meets. A thank you to our support staff too! They each have a group of students they are responsible for supporting virtually. They are a huge part of our team in supporting our students online. Our staff/clubs donated close to $1500 to help some of our families in need at the high school. A big thank you to Holli Haase, Sara Henke, and Jen Rud. We were able to give back to 12 families. Each family got a large amount of household essentials and each student got a $75 gift card to our Chieftain Outpost. Blessing Baskets will kick off 12/14 and run for the week. Our OSCAR students have been extremely creative in these difficult times. Our goal is $1500 this year. We are looking forward to different incentives.  You might get to see myself and Mr. Newton perform a Tiktok.

Asst. Principal Scott Newton: Virtual Programming - We are reaching out daily to families if we notice attendance and/or academic work concerns as a result of feedback from staff. Lab based courses - our staff is planning and working with students to come into the building to be able to work on hands-on activities. Currently, All MBC are moving ahead with extracurriculars (during virtual).  Coaches/Student-Athletes - are adapting to use of the mask mandate and are happy to have the opportunity to compete. 

Principal Amande Meyer: Remote learning is still going well, but we are excited to have students back as soon as we can. I have been able to complete a lot of observations and have watched how interactive teachers can be with their instruction even while remote. We have set criteria that helps us determine if a student should be provided additional support while we are remote. This has really helped guide us. We have some exciting surprises for students next week to help celebrate the holidays! When we return to face-to-face, we hope to get in a round of winter testing so we have better data to guide us.

Principal Julie Bender: Remote Learning option at OIS: Our goal is to ensure all of our students stay on pace and are provided the best possible experience regardless of what environment they are in. The following is the number of students who have chosen remote learning by grade level.

3rd Grade- approx. 10

4th Grade approx. 8

5th Grade approx: 20

Students in quarantine as well

Huge shout out to remote teachers who are delivering in-person and remotely! This is a huge responsibility and they are rocking it! Wiedenfeld, Kramer, Gray, Solland, Krenz, Newman, Teig and our SpEd team! A December Celebration of Winter, fun and snow! an OIS virtual concert!  Thank you Emma Cruciani for all of your work!

Principal Lindsay Thomas: We had minimal interest in the optional temporary remote learning opportunity so we are doing our best to live stream into three classrooms to provide families with the option. An added bonus is that our quarantine students are also able to join and have an opportunity to get more than we were able to offer before. A big thank you goes to Jennifer Sculley, Mackenzie Pippenger, and Jacquie Schlosser for taking on that big challenge and added responsibility. They are all doing a wonderful job! Christmas magic is still happening at OES! Our elf, Sprinkles, is back but in quarantine until Monday. I am doing a COVID friendly version of the 12 Days of Christmas to treat the staff. We are piloting progress reports instead of report cards at OES this year. We wanted the documentation of learning to be more family friendly and have a way of reporting learning that doesn’t consume and overtake teaching time with assessments. The staff are happy with the change. We will get parent feedback in the spring.

Superintendent Mark Luebker: Grant for up to $60,000, thank you to Karleen Partak for the work in getting this done for submission. 

 The next Committee Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. in the Osceola Middle School Library. A public audience will be allowed for this meeting and the room will be set up to follow social distancing guidelines. All visitors will be required to fill out a COVID-19 Visitor Screening. 

The next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. in the Osceola Middle School IMC. A public audience will be allowed for this meeting and the room will be set up to follow social distancing guidelines. All visitors will be required to fill out a COVID-19 Visitor Screening and a facial covering.

A Brian Meyer/Pete Kammerud motion was made to adjourn to Executive Session pursuant to WI Statute 19.85(1) (c) and (f) to consider the employment and compensation of any employee and for preliminary consideration of a specific matter which, if discussed in public, could have an adverse impact on the reputation of those involved. Roll call taken: Pete Kammerud – yes; Kysa Marten -yes; Brian Meyer- yes; Lanette Johnson-yes; and Brooke Kulzer-yes. Motion Carried. 

A Lanette Johnson/Kysa Marten motion was made to adjourn out of the Executive Session. Motion carried.

Brooke Kulzer announced no official action was taken. 

A Pete Kammerud/ Brian Meyer motion was made to adjourn. Motion Carried.

 Pete Kammerud, Clerk




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