The Regular Meeting of the Board of Education for the School District of Osceola was held in the Middle School IMC on November 4, 2020. The meeting was called to order by President Brooke Kulzer at 6:30 P.M. with roll call taken: Pete Kammerud – yes; Kysa Marten –yes; Lanette Johnson-yes; Brian Meyer-yes-(via conference call); and Brooke Kulzer –yes. Superintendent Mark Luebker, Business Manager Lynette Edwards, Director of Pupil Service Jessie Thorson, and Building Principals Adam Spiegel, Scott Newton, Amanda Meyer, Lindsay Thomas and Julie Bender also attended the meeting.

Persons who requested an audience with the Board:

Erin Morrison inquired about the communication to parents for grade level COVID closures. She asked if Skylert or Remind could be another option. Superintendent Mark Luebker responded with what the school protocols are for making parents aware. He informed the Board and audience that Skylert is designated to be used for school emergencies (school closures, bomb threats, etc.) 

Will Oliphant addressed the Board on the issue of the current rise in COVID cases. He was wondering if there were any considerations for all schools in the District to go to the Virtual Learning platform.

A Pete Kammerud/Lanette Johnson motion was made to approve the consent agenda without the request to pull any items out for discussion. Motion Carried. 

Adopt the agenda

Approved minutes of the Regular Meeting held on October 28, 2020

Hires, Resignations, and Recognitions. 



Hire (s): Jennifer Bjerklin, OHS Head Cook

Retirement(s): Jerri Neska 23 years

Motion Carried. 

Superintendent Mark Luebker thanked Jerri Neska for her many years of service, and noted how he is sure the students will miss her. Principal Lindsay Thomas and the Board members also thanked her for her many years of service and wished her well.

A Kysa Marten/Lanette Johnson motion was made to approve the retirement of Jerri Neska.

A Lanette Johnson/Pete Kammerud motion was made to approve the payment of bills from General Fund with ACH numbered 202000145-202000147 and computerized checks numbered 18181530-181577 for a total of $298,995.63. Motion Carried.   

School Board Committee Report: Lanette Johnson gave the following summary of the Committee Meeting held prior to the Board Meeting: Andrea Gribble with #socialschool4edu presented information to the Board in regards to social media. She compared other districts’ social media pages that they serve, and made suggestions on how they could help to improve the Osceola site. Building and Grounds Director Bob Scmidt discussed the current projects in the District being completed. Lynette Edwards gave an update in regards to the health insurance credit from HealthPartners that will be given to the Districts for the month of December due to COVID. Employees will also see a credit of their health premium for December to reflect this. Mark Luebker School gave updates on the School District Forest/Farm as to what could be done with the land.

Athletic Director Scott Newton updated the Board on how the  Dance team will run the fundraiser that they have submitted for approval.

A Kysa Marten/Lanette Johnson motion was made to approve the Danceline Fundraiser request. Motion Carried. 

Principal Adam Spiegel informed the Board on the process that students need to complete in order to apply for the ECCP and Start College Now programs. 

A Pete Kammerud/Kysa Marten motion was made to approve the ECCP and Start College Now applications. Motion Carried. 

 A Pete Kammerud/Lanette Johnson motion was made to approve the Resolution Authorizing Temporary Borrowing in an amount not to exceed $1,500,000 as presented by Lynette Edwards. Motion Carried.

Administrator Reports: 

Principal Lindsay Thomas: We implemented a new school-wide positive behavior reward system. When students are caught showing the OES way, their name/class/positive behavior goes up on a grid in the hallway. There’s a different incentive for each grid. We filled our first grid today and had a spontaneous dance party! We had a successful 2nd grade virtual practice day. and we have practice days for kindergarten and 1st grade coming up in the next couple of weeks.

A big thanks to Kristin Boileau for organizing a Veteran’s Day surprise for two husbands of OES staff that are currently deployed. Cards and letters are on their way overseas to share our support for Tee Harrington, Michael Graff, and all of our Vets!

Principal Julie Bender: Staff are continuing to learn and grow together using the many different tools in Schoology and Google Enterprise! We continue to utilize and practice as much as possible to prepare for the uncertainties of COVID. Teachers and staff are doing an amazing job ensuring all students (whether quarantined or not) are getting new content- learning is happening from every angle! Thank you Emma Cruciani and Clint Strom for creating an amazing Veterans Day movie surrounding the book, “The White Table.”! The table is set to honor those who have served in America’s Armed Forces. All students will watch the movie on Veterans Day during the morning meeting.

Principal Amanda Meyer: Shout out to OMS staff! We now have had 4 closures that have transitioned our students and staff to remote learning. Everyone has adjusted on the fly, worked together to be creative with coverage, and make sure that students are getting a quality education even when they are not face-to-face. I deeply appreciate their hard work and positivity. We just wrapped up some fun door decorating and pumpkin decorating competitions! Thank you to Renee Salewski and her student counsel group for fostering fun during this time!

Unfortunately, we are not hosting a Veteran’s Day program like usual. However, Eric Bergman wrote a beautiful letter and submitted it to the newspaper. All 6th and 8th graders wrote letters to send to veterans. 6th grade will have a speaker while they are remote. Thank you to our amazing custodians who are working double shifts and making sure our spaces are sanitized. Huge shout out to Rachael! She has been amazing to work with and her calm demeanor is appreciated.

Principal Adam Spiegel: We had a very successful in-service.  The 8th grade team presented to our whole staff on what worked and what didn’t work when they were virtual.  Staff spent the day working in Schoology and networking with their PLC’s. We are in the early stages of planning for our practice ACT. We hope to give the practice test by the end of the month. With the numbers of quarantined/positive Covid 19 students increasing daily, our staff is doing an amazing job of making sure students who are home are still learning without the whole grade being virtual. Most students are streaming in live through Google meet. A huge thanks to our tech department. They have been great resources as we are transitioning online. 

Asst. Principal/Athletic Director Scott Newton: Congratulations to our 2020 State Runner-Up girls cross country team and Coach Robinson and Coach Ellefson - 2nd year in a row.  Team members that scored at the state meet included Rachel Ulrich, Lauren Ellefson, Alli Fogelberg, Adelyn Ellefson, MerriAnna Johnson, and Arieana Hayton. Winter Athletics will be starting shortly - Girls Basketball  11/16 and Boys Basketball 11/23 and Wrestling 11/23. We are nearing  the end of trimester - the last day of the trimester is November 24. 

Director of Pupil Services Jessica Thorson: Completed two rounds of professional development during in-service with support staff on Trauma Basics-understanding what trauma is and how it impacts us not only psychologically but physiologically and learning about why it is important to shift our perspective to being trauma informed. Finished second round of CPI training-We have highly qualified staff in each building trained in nonviolent crisis intervention. Huge shout out to special education staff for taking on  all these new tools and learning platforms (schoology, See Saw, Fastbridge, Google Enterprise, contingency plans, and OVA).  They have been supporting each other and sharing their knowledge and expertise with each other and they are such great resources for each other!

Business Manager Lynette Edwards: Shout out to the Business Office staff. Sharon & Cheryl have not only taken on extra duties while April’s been on leave, but also additional work as part of their positions. Sharon keeping up with all the payroll/taxes/covid leave; Cheryl with all the additional invoices for referendum work and continual clean up of our financial system.  Big thanks to Peggy for filling in at the desk for April. It’s been extremely helpful to have a familiar face and someone that knows the District.

Superintendent Mark Luebker: Updated COVID information was presented.  

 The next Committee Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. in the Osceola Middle School Library. A public audience will be allowed for this meeting and the room will be set up to follow social distancing guidelines. All visitors will be required to fill out a COVID-19 Visitor Screening. 

The next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. in the Osceola Middle School IMC. A public audience will be allowed for this meeting and the room will be set up to follow social distancing guidelines. All visitors will be required to fill out a COVID-19 Visitor Screening and a facial covering.

A Kysa Marten/Lanette Johnson  motion was made to adjourn. Motion Carried.  

 Pete Kammerud, Clerk   




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