The Special Meeting of the Board of Education for the School District of Osceola was held in the Boardroom on March 5, 2020. The special meeting was called to order by President Craig Brunclik at 4:30 P.M. with roll call taken: Pete Kammerud – yes; Craig Brunclik –yes, Brian Meyer – yes; Rosanne Anderson-yes; and Brooke Kulzer -yes. Superintendent Mark Luebker, Business Manager Lynette Edwards, Director of Instruction Dr. Rebecca Styles, along with Building Principals Adam Spiegel, Amanda Meyer, Lindsay Thomas and Julie Bender attended the meeting. 

The Board discussed and reviewed possible 2020-2021 Budget Reductions in the scenario Question 1: Operational Referendum were to fail on April 7, 2020. Reviewed possible 2020-2021 budget reductions in the scenario Question 2: Facility Needs Referendum were to fail on April 7, 2020. Some areas of reductions included but not limited to: health/dental insurance, summer school, aquatic center, field trips, athletics, CESA services, student insurance, class sizes, athletic fees, parking fees, facility use fees, co-curricular fees, etc. 

The next scheduled Committee Meeting is Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. in the Boardroom.

The next Regular School Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. in the Boardroom. 

A Brooke Kulzer/Brian Meyer motion was made to adjourn to Executive Session pursuant to WI Statute 19.85(1)(c)(f) to consider the employment, promotion, compensation, or performance-evaluation data of any employee and for preliminary consideration of a specific matter which, if discussed in public, could have an adverse impact on the reputation of those involved.  

Roll call taken: Pete Kammerud – yes; Craig Brunclik -yes; and Brooke Kulzer -yes; Brian Meyer - yes; Rosanne Anderson- yes. In addition, Superintendent Mark Luebker attended the meeting. 

A Rosanne Anderson/ Brook Kulzer motion was made to adjourn Executive Session. Motion Carried.  

Craig Brunclik announced no official action was taken. 

A Brian Meyer/Rosanne Anderson motion was made to adjourn. Motion carried

 Pete Kammerud, Clerk               



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