Bill Rubin

Seeking year-end profitability, big box retailers and mega-malls needed a promotion to jumpstart holiday shopping immediately after Thanksgiving. Along came Black Friday, with overflowing carts at the registers, so-called door-buster specials, and occasional short fuses. Online retailers did the same for Cyber Monday, with or without compromising credit card security. Local businesses fought back with Small Business Saturday.

You may wish to consider joining the Shop Small movement along the Main Streets in the St. Croix Valley. Shopping Small is part of Small Business Saturday, designed to bring shoppers to local businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Small Business Saturday (SBS) was first organized in 2010 and has gained momentum ever since. Even the U.S. Senate jumped in with a unanimous resolution in support of SBS. No Washington gridlock on this no-brainer. SBS attracted an estimated 95 million shoppers in 2015. Last year’s shopping impact reached $15.4 billion nationally, according to SBS organizers.

Why Shop Small? Retailers, galleries, restaurants, and pubs play major roles in each community. Without support, the alternatives are vacant storefronts and stagnant downtowns. And of course, Main Street businesses support residents and communities on many fronts, including identity, civic involvement, full- and part-time employment, and tax base.

Enjoy Thanksgiving. Hope for a place at the adult table. Try a new vegetable. Laugh at the worn-out jokes as if they’re told for the first time. Go easy on the dessert. Watch some football. Take a nap. It’s needed for Small Business Saturday on November 25.

SBS Strong!

Bill Rubin is the executive director of the St. Croix Economic Development Corporation. This guest column is reprinted from the St. Croix EDC blog.

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