Turn on your television, you find all sorts of “reality” shows; entertainment that is supposed to make us believe that people actually live like that or people actually act like that. Truth be told reality television is just a way to get cheap entertainment to take your mind off of everyday events or maybe sometimes it is a bandage that makes our lives seem not so bad.

No matter what the reason people choose to watch this nonsense, there needs to be a reminder that these people, places and things are not real.

Now, with that being said why is it that in the past five years there are more and more of these shows appearing? I believe that these shows are put into place so that we are distracted from the world around us. It’s much easier to talk TV around the water cooler at work then to talk about political happenings or a missing child.

It’s much easier for the Senate or Congress to pass a bill if we are not paying attention. Our very own Congressman Sean Duffy is a former “reality” alumni and was taught how to fool people into believing persuasive acting.

This is not reality television Congressman Duffy. This is our real world not your “Real World.”
I am suggesting that people turn off the phony shows and start watching the terrible acting that is happening now in Congress.

It will be then that you will see how bad these characters are.

Mark Struble

Star Prairie

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