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ow that we have touched on what to do with basic veggie and flower gardens, let’s look at making those gardens interesting and fun. Along with using a variety of veggies or flowers there are other things we can do to our gardens to make them more exciting.

In your veggie garden, instead of using plain galvanized cages around your tomatoes and peppers try using cages painted primary colors – red, yellow, bright blue.  When your beans are getting ready to climb, maybe you want to make your supports like a teepee or tent so the kids or grandkids have a cool fort.  Colorful pieces of fabric or tinsel tied to strings will help deter birds and some of the other animals and add some interest to the garden. Make a fun scarecrow – a few pieces of leftover wood, a brightly colored shirt (the one you really don’t want hubby to wear in public) and a bright pair of pants. You can even draw a crazy face on a piece of flat wood and add a big hat if you want. It’s your scarecrow. Have fun with it. I even add a couple of solar lights to try to deter deer and other animals at night.

In your flower garden the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Almost anything can become a part of the garden. Whether you lean towards more formal with birdbaths and sitting areas or colorful with gazing balls and mosaic art pieces or funky with gnomes or silly garden characters anything is possible. It’s your garden and should reflect you. Make it welcoming. 

There are few cautions I would suggest.  Don’t overdo what you add for whimsy to your garden.  Remember these should be accents and should complement your garden, not distract. The flowers and veggies should still be the stars of the show.  

Make sure you keep those veggies and flowers watered during these humid days and yourself hydrated. Don’t let the weeds take over. Take time to sit and enjoy your garden and all your hard work.

Until next time keep playing in the dirt. It’s good for you.

Julie Kuehl is a Polk County Master Gardener. She invites questions, comments and suggestions at gardenvarietycolumn@gmail.com.

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