I’m been reading comments from Amy Middleton, Polk County Board Supervisor, and have to ask, just who does she represent? Most of her recent rhetoric is anti-Polk County Chairman and anti-committee member Tom Magnafici. I am a former Polk County Supervisor and can tell you that your vote on decisions is only one vote. And if you constantly push your personal agenda, the majority of the board will not support you and you’ll accomplish absolutely nothing. Rather than work with board members to negotiate and move the county forward, Middleton throws up her hands. She recently resigned from a committee appointment because the committee did not blindly follow her radical position. 

Amy Middleton does not represent her Osceola community and does not work for compromise on issues that affect us all. Her personal one path focus is both a waste of time and also a failure to secure benefits for all of her constituents - and not just those who voted for her. I’m disappointed. And if her demeanor does not change, as in music, she’ll be a one-hit wonder and easily replaced at the next election. 

We need county supervisors who work with their fellow supervisors and not make personal agendas their crusade. Hello Amy? 


Glyn Thorman

Town of Osceola 


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