There was an interesting contrast in the two Sun letters last week. The first took issue with the President as doing too-little-too-late about the current Chinese virus pandemic. She totally ignored Joe Biden’s criticism of the President for his early stopping travel to China. She failed to mention that people most responsible for containing the virus, i.e. the governors of the four biggest states, praised the President for his promptly providing life-saving resources. She also disregarded the President’s early startup of the COVID-19 task force and its reports that the mainline media hardly covered.   

The second letter made a comparison of the negativism toward American values and practices put forth by the Democrat Party, listing the ways it lost its original moorings as the party of the common person. The writer described how the Republicans now stand alone in providing for the future of a vibrant society.

Nobody doubts how polarized our country has become. The mainline media and social networks are hopelessly biased. Their supposed fact checkers ‘cherry pick’ their research and publish only what fits their narrative. There is one exception – Check them out and see. Their reports are very detailed but come at issues from all sides. Unfortunately, few take the time for such investigation. In this era of relativism, traditional views usually shine brighter in just facts reports when addressing all relevant factual data. Another avenue to consider is where in an attempt to depolarize America very partisan, equally matched people debate issues respectfully.

‘A person persuaded against her/his will, remains unconvinced ever still.’ This old adage haunts our sound-byte age. Our future existence as a republic might be at stake if we continue on this path.

Doug Wellumson


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