What is a bus driver?  Webster’s Dictionary describes a bus driver as a person whose job is to drive a bus, but there is so much more to being a bus driver than being able to drive a big yellow vehicle. 

There are many qualities that make a great school bus driver, some of those qualities include: having a love for children, being personable, having patience, enjoying driving, someone that is punctual, respectful and has a good time with the management of people. Bus drivers should value safety and need to be a good driver, which includes, good hand-eye coordination, good visual and hearing abilities and in good physical health. An important quality is to be able to keep calm under pressure especially during poor weather conditions or responding to an upset child or adult. 

The foundation of a great operation is a great team. In addition to showing respect to the children and parents, great drivers treat colleagues with respect. You’re part of a team, a voice and not just another number on a bus. Bus drivers should represent the school district with pride and dignity. 

The question I get asked the most, as a bus driver is, “How can you deal with the constant noise and negative behavior of children each day? I could never do that!” Some people have a misunderstanding about children when they think about how children act on the school bus. Yes, there is noise and there are children who have some negative behaviors, but as a bus driver it is our job to build a relationship with each child and to treat them with respect. In turn the noises and negative behavior will lessen. As a bus driver, I give each child positive attention by greeting them, asking how they are or how their weekend was. Saying goodbye and talking to them and answering questions in a positive way. Talking to a child instead of yelling and giving them positive attention that they need will help have a happy bus with less behavior issues. Kids will treat you with respect if you are modeling that and giving them respect too. 

The Osceola School District is seeking individuals with these qualities to drive school bus. If this sounds like you, you could be an asset to our team and schools. Contact the Osceola School District Transportation Department if interested. 

Children are our future and deserve a safe ride to and from school. 


Mike Berg


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