Last Tuesday I contacted Congressman Sean Duffy’s office and asked his aide if the congressman issued a statement regarding Donald Trump’s early Sunday morning tweet regarding the four congresswomen, you know, the one where he said “they should go back to their country.”  The aide informed me that he had not.  I asked the aide to give the congressman a message for me.  The message was, “silence breeds acceptance.”  The aide assured me he would relay the message.  Then I called Senator Ron Johnson’s office and asked the same question.  Senator Johnson’s aide said that he also had not issued a statement.  I then asked him to give Senator Johnson a message.  The message simply stated “If you don’t condemn, you condone.”  He assured me he would give him the message.  On Wednesday I read the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to rebuke Trump’s statement.  All of the Democrats and only 4 Republicans voted aye.  If this isn’t a clear case of putting party above people then I don’t know what is.  In my opinion, the last thing we need in this world, the very LAST thing we need in this world is more hate.  I have come to the conclusion that there are three kinds of people on this planet.  The first kind are the ones who stand up to hate.  Either by word or action or both, they expose it, fight it and hopefully convince others to do the same.  The second are the people that just ignore it.  They want no involvement and are satisfied with the status quo.  The third, and most dangerous, are the people who espouse the person preaching hate.  They follow him, bit it torchlight parades, “unite” rallies or chants of “send her back.”  History has shown this divisiveness is frightening, dangerous and all too often has deadly consequences.  My question to the people reading this is, which category are you in?

John Salwei


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