The coming election is about lots of different issues for different people.

At the core of it all we are deciding whether to take on the job of making our country work again for all of us, or to continue with the insecurity, divisiveness, chaos and anxiety of the last four years.

Our country will work for all of us when we are compassionate, civil, egalitarian, rational, science-based and respectful of differences.  Our country will work for all of us when we do away with a different system of justice for the wealthy and when we do away with all systems that perpetuate poverty, injustice and illiteracy.  Our country will work for all of us when we take money out of our political system and when our politicians recommit to working together for the good of all, not just the few.  Our country will work again when we men take responsibility for our words and actions instead of blaming them on others; when we white people accept that our skin color is just one of many, and no one is more important than the others.

It is time for us to get back to working together instead of standing apart.  It is time we again work together to realize the potential of our representative democracy rather than falling for the false promises of winner-take-all politics.

Vote for a future of community and possibilities rather than the past of limits and division.

We can do so much better!

Steve Schanback

Alden Township


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