I’m writing in response to a Jan. 27 letter from Sally Lowe. Ms. Lowe, I really appreciate your letter, as potential widespread election fraud should demand our attention. Thankfully, fraud was thoroughly looked into by the Trump campaign.

The Trump campaign filed 62 lawsuits in multiple states contesting vote collecting and counting methods, vote certification processes, mail in ballot deadlines, and more, including here in our own state of Wisconsin. Most of the lawsuits brought were either immediately dismissed, or the Trump campaign dropped the charges, because the Trump campaign could not produce evidence to support their allegations. The remaining suits not immediately dismissed or dropped, the Trump campaign lost. One suit was ruled in the Trump campaign’s favor, regarding a technicality in Pennsylvania that affected an insignificant number of votes, and that ruling was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

These rulings were made by judges appointed by Democrats, by Republicans, and by federal judges that President Trump himself appointed.

The Trump campaign is more motivated than anybody else in the world to prove widespread election fraud, and 62 times they could not do it in a court of law. I would be deeply troubled if they could. 

Paul Howe

Saint Croix Falls

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