In the Town of Osceola, our Clerk/Treasurer, a very thoughtful Plan Commission member, and our elections judge recently resigned, all within days of each other. If you are a resident of the Town, you should be concerned. What’s going on that these long-time, hard-working public servants are leaving? I’ve talked to a lot of people, including all three current board members, listened to recordings of meetings and reflected on what I’ve heard first-hand at meetings. 

It’s pretty clear that rude behavior by a small clique trying to take over Town government has pushed these good folks out. At the Plan Commission level an invited guest was treated very poorly, and a member of this group that is on the Plan Commission started a shouting match with the Chairman over the agenda. Another of them commented about our guest: “He got coming what he got coming.” Really? Who needs that? 

At the Board level the newest board member and others in this clique have been demanding an audit of the Clerk/Treasurer’s office and her salary, having no idea what her job entails. Who needs that?  They have also been criticizing the Chairman about the Plan Commission guest, demanding he write a letter of apology over a perceived slight, and giving him condescending lectures about equipment management. 

At the October 1 Town Board meeting I suggested that we can have these discussions in a civil manner. Yet I had hardly sat down before they started railing on the Clerk/Treasurer’s office, accused the Plan Commission of “having an agenda” and accused the Chairman, without evidence, of violating open meeting laws. 

This bullying behavior is rampant in Washington and Madison. We don’t need it here and are the poorer for it. Enough!

 Bob Wright


Plan Commission member

Former Board Member


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